Arab Countries are aiming at Democracy when the USA are aiming at Oligarchy.
Oligarchy is a form of dictatorship of the elite over the masses
Thursday November 17th 2011, Continuation from Tuesday 15th

After the removal of Occupy Wall street protesters from New York Freedom square by dictator-mayor Bloomberg you would think that he would let a peaceful march this Thursday on Wall street to take place but you would be wrong.
Again Dictator Mayor Bloomberg used all the tools of a dictator namely;
---First and above all the Blocking Freedom of Expression
---Preventing Free Press to access Wall street
--Using a police force well known for its Brutality the New York police force to arrest again countless of peaceful demonstrators.
Dictator-Mayor Bloomberg is smothering peaceful freedom of expression to protect an oligarchy: The richest 1% Americans.
The USA under President Bush the younger has shifted from a Democracy to an oligarchy were the very rich dictates the policy of the country and Obama who was to be the savior has shown to be an useless, spineless, inadequate president
At a time when the USA has praised and continues to praise and offer assistance to militants occupying squares in their fight for Democracy in the Middle East, elected officials in the USA are cracking down and beating US citizens occupying squares in their fight for Democracy.
It is more than an ultimate irony it is an ultimate disgrace. Under false pretexts of alleged unsanitary conditions caused by occupy protesters Mayor Bloomberg the quintessential dictator has used force to remove very peaceful US citizens who were using their sacred right of expression. He could have made a peaceful agreement, (provided portable toilets and helped clean and then allowed the protesters back.
In Arab countries such as Libya the USA used American forces against Dictator Kaddafi in favor of Democratic forces.
In the USA American forces are used to remove militants striving for Democracy to protect Mayor Bloomberg and his friends on Wall Street.
At least now the real personality of New York Mayor Bloomberg is coming to the surface. Mayor Bloomberg does not want to follow one of the first and most important Amendments to the US Constitution" Freedom of expression" which is Freedom of protest when protesters are peaceful."
How do we know that Mayor Bloomberg acts like a dictator? We know that because he sent the police force to arrest protesters in the dark of the night around 2AM. That is exactly what Tunisian Dictator Ben Ali and Egyptian Dictator Mubarak did. They sent their police forces in the dark of the night to forcefully evacuate their protesters. That is exactly what Mayor Bloomberg did to Peaceful American protesters. If we still have a doubt that mayor Bloomberg is a dictator after what happened this morning our doubts should be gone.
A JUDGE issued a restraining order AGAINST the Bloomberg New York police which Bloomberg completely ignored then he ordered police to forcefully remove Occupy Wall Street protesters after they reentered the Park following the restraining order which should have protected them and)their freedom of expression from an assault by the Police. If ignoring a restraining order against his own forces and in favor of freedom of expression is not the act of a dictator then what is?
Another very shocking legal issue is the GRAVE CONFLICT OF INTEREST between VERY WEALTHY Wall Street investor and stock owner Bloomberg who is a famous figure of Wall street and a member of the very rich 1% of Americans and HIS FUNCTION AS A MAYOR.
Even if he denies the conflict of interest his denial is not credible. Bloomberg a Wall Street hero who was at the core of the Wall Street world should not have a conflict of interest with Bloomberg the Mayor, but he has a huge one.
In addition he had a law passed removing the term limit for the office of Mayor of New York ( HIMSELF) so that he could be like other dictators around the world and present himself for continuing terms in the same fashion tyrants in dictatorships rule for decades.
We are very far from the ethical standards set by President George Washington. Although President Washington was authorized at this time by the law of the land to continue to be President a third term he declined to continue as President in order not to look like a dictator and to respect the spirit of Democracy.
The hearing on Tuesday 11/15/2011 decided that Bloomberg must not remove Occupy Wall street protesters from Freedom square as long as they did not camp at night.

Bloomberg has proven that under the false front of endorsing Democratic values he is a true dictator. In the country that gave birth to modern Democracy Dictator Mayor Bloomberg, one of the most famous Wall Street insiders, has demonstrated that his Wall Street persona tramples and smothers Democracy.
Eric Lafayette