An addition by the Congress in 1964 to the pledge of allegiance adds the words   UNDER GOD.
An American Citizen challenged the Constitutionality of adding the words UNDER GOD to the Pledge of allegiance and the Court thought he was right and stipulated that the words UNDER GODS  in the pledge of Allegiance were unconstitutional but the Judgement will be appealed.
It has become a very controversial and sensitive subject with all members of the Senate.
Let's try to clarify the issue.

Which GOD the UNDER GOD amendment refers to
    Is it the GOD of the Jews?
    Is it the GOD of all the Muslims?
    Is it one of the GODS of the multi deists religions such as Hinduism
    Is it one of the GODS that animist religions believe lives in the form of animals or plants.
    Is it the GODS of the Protestants.
    Is it the GODS of the Catholics
    Is it the GOD of the fundamentalists Muslims who preach the killing of infidels and particularly America infidels.


We cannot but be surprised at the screaming posturing negative reaction of the American leadership in its entirety, President Bush , the whole senate without exception and the rest of the leadership. Not one voice from the leadership was discordant. They all vowed to fight and overturn a decision of a California court who judged the words " UNDER GOD " in the pledge of Allegiance UNCONSTITUTIONAL . The force and unanimity of the Leadership outrage was almost unbelievable if you consider the American leadership an educated body.

What do the three most important documents in American History. The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Right tell the American people about religion?

First: nowhere in any of these documents there is a mention of the obligation for the citizen to be
UNDER GOD or that the worship of God or that an acknowledgement of God is mandatory to be a citizen of the USA.

It is a vibrant contrast with some Islamic government such as Iran as well as many other and specifically the Teleban Government in Afghanistan which whom we went to war after they committed IN THE NAME OF GOD a devastating act of violence against the USA. 

The actual terrorism against the USA is based on Faith and on following the rules of GOD
It bears a striking similarity with the wars of religions and the crusades with many acts of terrors and massacres of Civilians almost non stop during a long period of time which encompass at least
the 8th, 9th,10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th,15th, centuries among others.

The founding fathers these extraordinary men who gave birth to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA were men of great knowledge, great culture and great intelligence and for them who not so long ago could read or hear stories from descendants how atrocious it was to be massacred or prosecuted for religious or non religious belief by a Government supporting ONLY one religion, it was their duty to insure freedom of religion and they were very strong about that .

They added the first Amendment in 1791 about religion to the constitution which is now part of the constitution but was known as part of the Bill of Rights.
What is the wording of the first amendment?
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion "
That is pretty clear.

Congress in the Mc Carthy era in 1954 added the world UNDER GOD to the original pledge of Allegiance;
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United State of America and to the Republic for which it stands: One nation UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Against precisely the First amendment Congress made a law respecting an establishment of religion.


The founding fathers being a generation marked by account of religious repression or massacre worded the first amendment in order to extricate FOR EVER the USA from religious repression.
The most important effect is Absolute Religious Freedom.
It is an enormous strengthening of religion.

It is pretty obvious that the more religious you are, the more  you cherish your religion the more you should cherish the First Amendment in order to be able to practice the religion you favor or to be free not to follow any religion. The vast majority of American people regards themselves as religious people of different religions ( more than 90%). they should sponsor strongly freedom of religion and the application of the first amendment and of course the leadership of the country should be strongly behind the First amendment but they are not.

Why would the leaders of the USA, the Whole congress and the President of the USA push to keep the worlds UNDER GOD , worlds that were not part of the original Constitution written by the founding fathers but added by a congress in the Mc Carthy era which was afraid of communism and composed to say the least of unsavory, and mediocre people.

Basically you can ask yourself a few questions
     Do I trust more the leadership and principle of the founding fathers such as Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson or do I trust more the leadership and principle of Senator Mc Carthy?
     Do I want to accept that the Government force me,my children or my grand children to be outcasts or pledge that I can worship one GOD only.
     Do I want to go back to the ERA ,one thousand year ago when Religion was the main cause of war and Massacre.
     Do I believe that Democracy brought progress by giving freedom of religion and eliminating religious massacre.

The Talibans and the Fundamentalist Islamists are trying to pull us into a war based on religion and the American leadership is answering YES lets make our country the same kind of country that imposes religious law. Let us forget the advance that DEMOCRACY with its Freedom of Religion brought to the world. Let us forget the wisdom of the Founding fathers and let us base our leadership on an unconstitutional law passed by a congress with Mc Carthy supporters.
That is what the American leadership is doing. Leading the American people without explaining to them the depth of the first amendment and the enormous progress brought by DEMOCRACY

Because of a failure of leadership:
These people are not even able or willing to look at the big picture which was the gigantic quality of the founding fathers.

They refuse to deeply understand and study the Constitution using only bit and pieces that suit their purpose this very day.
How can these mediocre leaders fight for the Constitution and inform the Citizens about the Constitution when their only motto could be " Blow with the wind and take the easiest path"

Jully 9th 2002





What was a Dungeon?

In the times of the Kings before Democracy, Kings send prisoners they did not want to hear about and did not want them to go through any process of law or trial directly to a dungeon.
A Dungeon was generally the most fortified tower in a castle which beside its use as defense in case of attack often doubled as a prison with only a couple of cells
These cells were generally build without windows, without any possibility for the prisoner to communicate with any outside person. The prisoner was held for long period of time without any hope to plead his case to anybody. Those where the times before DEMOCRACY.

Of course one of the first actions the Founding fathers establishing a DEMOCRACY took was to prevent such secret imprisonment where no trial and even no communication was allowed for the prisoner.

It is in the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution and it reads:

In all criminal prosecution, the accused  shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed,(.....) and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.

Jose Padilla an American Citizen was arrested on American soil on suspicion of having plans to plant a bomb and was kept in a modern Dungeon without communication with anybody, no contact with his lawyer, no right to a speedy trial, none of the Rights written in the Constitution

Timothy Mc Veil an American Citizen was arrested on American soil on suspicion oh having planted a bomb and further more very successfully murdering more than a hundred American Citizens which is a hundred time worse than what Jose Padilla did.

How come the American government which on election day swore to respect and uphold the Constitution which stipulates that All citizens are equal facing the law and then apply one set of laws for an American Citizen and then apply a cooked up set of unconstitutional laws to another American Citizen.

The American Government is playing with words. This kind of deception was one of the main specialty of Communist Governments. The most striking example was naming most of the Eastern European Communist countries " DEMOCRATIC" despite the fact that they were the worst of tyrannies. One example among many; East Germany: German Democratic Republic: and nothing was Democratic in this Republic.

The American Government and law enforcement agents are using the same deception playing with words.
Enemy combatant

Why not make different categories of people being arrested to attempt to continually by pass the Constitution,
The actual government could add to the label of Enemy combatant; the followings
Opponent fighter
Adversary striker 
Antagonist aggressor
Hostile belligerent.

For the actual government it is not the Constitution that count but it is playing with labels that has  become important.

If you are in a Super market wher somebody had switched around the labels on the cans of Pears and the cans of Pickle would you upon tasting them acknowledge that the products in the can labeled Pears with pickle inside taste like pears or would you call it a fraud?

The Founding fathers who had witnessed first hand when governed by king that Kings could change laws at their whim and in the process protect their friends and relatives from the righteousness of the law or send in a DUNGEON forgotten to the world one of their Enemy.

The actual government has brought back the ages of imprisonment in dungeon against all the values the founding father passed to us in the constitution of a DEMOCRATIC NATION.

To be fair the government probably believe they can get away with this unconstitutional executive act.
Because the Majority of the Supreme court, which are the judges and guardians of the Constitution have proven that they are a rubber stamp approving whatever the Bush government decides is constitutional.
The best proof of that is that The actual Supreme court rendered a decision appointing President  George Bush in a smart but noneless Coup, preventing American votes thus American Citizens to fully elect their President.

So we are in a land now where Yourself, Your son Or Daughter can be arrested, labeled as an enemy combatant and disappear in a detention facility where no contact is allowed.

That is literally tearing the Constitution a part, debasing the memory of the Founding Fathers and reneging on DEMOCRACY.

Being secure in the Right to have public and due process of law versus been sent to a dungeon by a king or by a totalitarian regime such as Communism especially during Stalin tyranny is a right so vital that if this suppression was explained and publicized to the American People the reaction would be an horrified one

The 6th Amendment is one of the most important contribution of DEMOCRACY.

June 28th 2002

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Where are we today in the American political scene on May 23, 2000

Well, it is sad.

We see the National Rifle Association parading on the T.V. claiming that they are proud of being the one who prevented the USA from becoming a Nation like Australia, England which disarmed its Citizens, but what they do not say is that criminal death by guns are more than ten times less frequent in these countries than in the USA

The NRA leaders are portraying themselves as the savior of the second amendment, which they falsely describe as the right to bear arms for the American Citizen.

It is a plain lie because the second Amendment reads In a well organized militia the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

It remind me of The EXTRAORDINARY LIES Communist leaders told their citizens and make them believe that it was the Gospel. The accumulations of these lies set these nations and their citizen a century back in poverty and corruption. That is the effect that Dictatorships based on lies and briberies have on a nation and The NRA is a dictatorship organization based on lies that is claiming that they will be seating at George Bush table.

What a delightful scenario for the future of Democracy in the USA and the comfort of the parents who lost a child to gun shooting.

What a comforting thought for the Americans who are not ALL WHITE to see in the very state of the possible future President of the USA George Bush"s Henchmen sabotage the nomination of a Latino Judge . His backers the Republican leaders delay as much as they could the nomination of Latino Federal Judges.

What a pleasant future for black people to think that their future President support a University that forbid them to Marry white people.

It is

When the allies of the future President force you to marry within a certain race.

When an internal dictatorship ally itself to a future president to lie about the second amendment and insult Mothers who try to protects the lives or their children .

Where is this great Nation going?


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                      THE SUPREME COURT AND THE 2000


             If there is one thing and only one thing to remember from the 2001 Presidential election it is the role that The supreme court played.

The elements were the followings:
After counting the votes in the nation, the votes in one state were going to be the votes that will elect the President of the United States; the state was Florida.

The winner George Bush Junior had a narrow margin of Victory, his opponent
Al Gore asked for a recount in certain counties, Florida having antiquated voting machines, these were punch card voting machines prone to let some vote not to be counted if the voter did not align the card well enough or did not press strongly enough.

Al Gore challenged the recount as it is his right under the U S constitution and was immediately opposed by the Republican Florida state general attorney, who was doing her best to secure her party's candidate victory.
George Bush had the right to challenge the legality of the recount to court and he did so at every step. He took his case to various court, mainly the FLORIDA supreme court and to simplify the case lost on all his attempts.

The Supreme Court of the USA is supposed to interpret the constitution, and above all not to interfere in the internal affairs of a State, many legal analysts thought that the case of the relevancy of the Florida recount will not be taken by the supreme court.They were wrong.

The USA Supreme court not only took the case but rendered a very disturbing verdict, they essentially forbade the recount in Florida adding a twist that did not give time to the counting body to finish their work.

  It was not in the area of competence of the USA Supreme court  to do the following ruling

               Take up a case that belongs in the FLORIDA supreme court only
                    Prevent the recount of the people voices in the Florida state by reversing a FLORIDA supreme court ruling.
                 First in a previous ruling putting on hold their decision then delivering the ruling late enough to make any recount impossible anyway.
This latest trick expose the very unlawful mind of this Supreme court.

        By their action which prevent the votes of the Citizen of the USA to be counted as fairly as it could be, They APPOINTED George Bush Junior as the President of the USA. PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH WAS NOT ELECTED, HE WAS APPOINTED.




The only team capable of rescuing the USA from the Abyss it has been pushed into by President Bush is composed of:
President: Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Colin Powell
President Colin Powell, Vice President Nancy Pelosi

Make no mistakes the situation in the world and specifically in the middle east which includes Iran and Iraq and the horn of Africa is so volatile that there is going to be a war or many wars for the next 10 years if not fifty years.
In addition the American deficit, the poor state of US manufacturing, an appalling system of education, abandon of Civil rights, debasement of the constitution need serious attention .

The Team of Nancy Pelosi and Colin Powell in their complementarities can address all these problems.
Together they have the knowledge, they have the experience and intelligence as well as the backbone to undertake this gigantic task.
These problems should be listed and comparisons with other countries should be part of this document and of course the solutions should be provided in this document called :

Eric Lafayette
Tel: 1 310 500 8771

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This essay dealing with the subject of war is a very sensitive subject.
War leading always to death and destruction, I will in a few words state my position about war for the readers that are not familiar with me.
     I am the opposite of a hawk, convinced that a mediation could solve almost any problems and very ill at ease when a conflict is looming at the Horizon.
    On the other hand as an historian or even as a student of every day life, I know that conflicts and war are inevitable.
   Conflicts with partners, family, neighbors happen every days.
   Conflicts between nations or within groups have been the norm.
     I believe thus that when a war has been imposed on you then you should use all your strength to win it with the least amount of suffering for your people

   War has existed since the creation of human on our planet in different forms the most frequent being an army of warriors going again another army of warrior.
Terrorism has existed since the creation of the human being and had claimed many lives. The most frequent being the killing of soldiers and civilian through

The sad originality in the Attack on The USA at the world trade center and the Pentagon is the magnitude and the numbers: There is no other attack on civilian and unarmed personnel of this magnitude outside of an ongoing declared conflict or war than I can recall.

If you take World War Two, Churchill ordered the Bombing of German cities only after German planes bombed civilian in London( which could have been an error from the pilot but that was a fact that Churchill did not know at this time).
Prior to that event the bombing of civilian was an unfortunate byproduct of the bombing of military targets.

Even when The horrendous bombing of the town of Guernica by the German mercenary force during the Spanish civil war resulted in thousand of civilian casualties, it was to gain a Strategic advantage on the ground and to kill armed adversaries in the town.

I am trying to highlight the fact that during the last century and this century
the American Democracy and their western allied have  abided by a code of military ethic. This code has suffered two successful exemptions: The bombing of German cities with the excuse that Hitler started it first which contributed to winning World War Two in Europe with less allied casualties and the Atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which contributed in winning World War Two in Japan with far less American casualties.
The code of the American Military is written nowhere but has recently become a doctrine of war and is the following:

   Do not attack or kill civilians as a primary target. When attacking military targets avoid as much as possible to kill the civilian near by or destroy their property.

By their acts and declarations the Teleban Dictatorship and their terrorists allied have clearly announced their doctrine:
   Kill as many civilian as you can as long as they are not Muslims
In the recent weeks starting with the world trade center attack on
September, 11, 2001 they have killed around 3000 unarmed people of all races and religions, adding Jewish civilians in the street in Israel and Christian civilians who were praying in a church in Pakistan.

What makes the Teleban terrorist doctrine original is the focus on killing Civilians
What makes the American doctrine original is the focus on not killing Civilian

It is a conflict between Barbarism and Civilization.
We should remember the lessons of history. Many civilized countries  were destroyed or conquered by their Barbarian neighbors. ATHENS, ROME being the most famous examples.

We have to be perfectly honest and lay the problems as they are.

By setting an unbreakable rule of avoiding with extreme focus to kill civilians,
The American Military complex is fighting with one arm tied behind its back while the enemy has not discarded and on the contrary use civilians as targets or their own as human shields.

Then comes the ultimate question for the Commander in chief and his staff.

How many American soldiers am I willing to sacrifice in order to protect civilian
enemies which will make the war longer and deadlier for the Americans?

The American Army is so powerful compared to the country of Afghanistan
That they can literally bomb the population of the country into disappearance without using Atomic weapons or chemical weapons or biological weapons. without the loss of one American except for accident or mechanical failure.

On the other hand The Talibans and the Fundamentalists Muslims are collecting and trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction to kill millions of Americans civilians.
They will thrive in killing dozens of Millions of American people without the slightest hesitation.

What are the Military options that the 2 opposed countries will exercise.
                         Afghanistan                                 USA
                  World wide terrorism                  No terrorism
                  Biological weapon                       No biological weapon
                  Chemical weapon                        No chemical  weapon
                  Atom bomb                                No atom bomb
                      Maximum civilian casualties        Minimum civilian casualties
                     Small Regular Army                     Huge Regular Army
   Even with these handicaps the American army will win but at a greater loss of  AMERICAN lives than a not so discriminate bombing campaign.

But the ultimate test will be if a larger nation, such as Pakistan and this theory is not so far fetch, becomes part of the conflict on the Afghan side. It is the USA worst nightmare . It will happen if the actual leader is assassinated or overthrown. At the rate the Telebans assassinate their opponents it is far from a wild guess from me but I absolutely hope to be totally wrong on that guess.

How many American lives is the Commander in Chief who is also the President of the USA is willing to sacrifice to overcome a Pakistan or another large country dominated by Teleban activists and sympathizers such as al Qaida terrorist group while minimizing Pakistan civilian casualties. Pakistan is a country that possesses the Atom bomb.

There will be in the future fundamentalist  Islamic Countries that will challenge the USA. Will the USA sent its Army with a hand tied behind there back.
Only against a small country like Afghanistan can the US army win with a hand tied behind its back because of its small population.

One may say that the restrain that the American Army is exercising in their bombing or special forces use is not out of ethics or humanitarian consideration but to avoid inflaming Muslim communities in Muslim countries.
It is partly true and a constant preoccupation of the USA but again a wrong calculation of the USA.
Only an extreme spectacular show of force with harsh punishment will obtain the respect of the Muslim nations .
The Muslim Nations even the most civilized and tolerant harbor a very significant
amount of Fundamentalist Muslims who have to be awed by the AMERICAN MIGHT. Only AWE will achieve respect from them and responsible behavior will follow an then friendship in the same way it happened with Nazi Germany and Fascist Japan.

Due to the doctrine that I call now: "Fighting with one hand tied behind its back"
another Vietnam is looming in the future.

The war from the perspective of the Fundamentalist Muslim is not anymore
a war that seek to conquer lands or population. It is an enemy that wants and has said so to kill as many American mostly civilians as they can.

When your enemy has shown that his goal is to kill as many American civilians
as he can anywhere on the planet, conventional rules of warfare of an army against another army becomes an irrelevant strategy.

Los Angeles August 18th 2008 by Eric Lafayette ;

Dear Readers

It is time to realize that the Bush- Cheney dictatorship has so weakened and damaged the economy, strength, trustworthiness and ability to respond militarily to new threats that the once mighty and booming voice of the United States is now the smallest and weakest and most empty voice among the voices of Western Nations.
President Bush encouraged Georgia and its President Mikael Saaskasvili, a graduate of LAW schools in the USA, to become a member of NATO in order to find allies and supporters in case of Russian intervention. As evidence of his support of President Bush President Saaskasvili sent about 4000 troops in Iraq to fight alongside the Americans.

We can, without any fear of a mistake use this statement from President Bush to demonstrate that he is without any doubt one of the most incompetent leaders on the planet.
Here is how George Bush saw President Putin, "I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy….I was able to get a sense of his soul." óGeorge W. Bush, after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin, June 16, 2001.
Here is what John Mc Cain said about Putin: "I looked him in the eyes and I saw three letters: K,G and B."
After Moscow's invading part of Georgia we can safely assume that George W. Bush's statement was another proof of his pathetic absence of judgment and the role it has played in bringing the once mighty United States to its knees.

The causes of this conflict can be traced during the nineties.

Former Russian President Putin, now prime minister, has made restoration of Russia as a great power and reaffirming control of the old provinces of the USSR using puppet leaders a priority. There is a special focus on any former states like the Ukraine and George that have strategically important oil and gas. Putin has relentlessly enticed the Georgian citizens of Russian origin living in Southern Oscetia region of Georgia into becoming rebels and demanding secession of Oscetia from Georgia.

Putin intends to weaken pro-western democratically elected leader President Saaskasvili and replace him with a puppet leader in complete obedience to Moscow as it was the case for most Communist countries in Europe during the cold war.

President Saaskashvili in a process that began in the nineties, reacted to seeing the Oscetia region literally kidnapped one person at a time by Putin's propaganda. Last week he decided to send military forces in these difficult provinces. UN peace keeping forces were also present there in order to prevent clashes between Georgians and rebellious Georgians of Russian origin. Oscetia was established as a demilitarized zone with the absurd and unimaginable caveat that Russian troops labeled as peace keepers would patrol South Oscetia.
It is impossible to understand why Western powers did not realize that no matter what uniform or clothing, even when disguised as a sheep the wolf will eat its weakest neighbors.

A few years ago the Western Powers continued to show their weakness when they allowed the peace keepers to be Russians, all of them. What an incredible coup for Putin who was lucky enough to have his propaganda agents officially installed by the Western Powers. Part of the pro Saaskasvili reactions come from the realization by the western countries that they had given a very rotten deal to Georgia by allowing all the peace keepers in the region to be Russian and let them kidnap Oscetia little by little.

President Saaskasvili was understandably upset by this situation in Oscetia similar to the one in another Georgian province, Abkhazia. Even though his provinces were being threatened he made a very stupid decision and provoked Russia by sending armed troops into Southern Oscetia a region monitored by Russian Peace keepers.

President Saaskashvili acted foolishly; his army compared to the Russian Army is a joke.
The American President's reactions to the invasion of Georgia can only be considered as pathetic jokes.

Although he has been provoked by Russia's non-military propaganda actions, President Saaskasvili is the one who militarily provoked Russia by sending troops into a demilitarized zone. Putin the de facto leader of Russia was extremely happy to have an excuse to invade Georgia and they did it. If anybody in the West believes that Putin, who is the real master of Russia, is a weak leader they are very extremely unwise and uninformed. Recognizing that President Putin is a very powerful and dangerous man should be a prerequisite for a leader to be considered competent .
Of course President Bush DID NOT DO ANYTHING to stop the conflict or support President Saaskashvili except to continue his habitual and ridiculous saber rattling.
Bush whose last claim to decency was that he stuck by his friends and allies evaporated.

His good ally who supported his war on Iraq and sent soldiers from Georgia to die in Bush's war was totally and completely abandoned.

In addition the Russians were able to say, "The USA removed Saddam Hussein without provocation and organized regime change very acceptable. The war against Iraq is just one example of the USA's fondness for regime change. Why is the USA so critical of us, they did much worse seven years ago by invading Iraq."

A ceasefire was brokered on Tuesday August 12th 2008 by French President Sarkozy as the President for the European Community demanding that combat must cease and the belligerents must return to their former position and allow international humanitarian help to enter the region.
French President Sarkozi faces a lot of criticism in his own country mostly because he is trying to do too much including trying to put French people back to work by suppressing the 35 hour work week established under Socialist Governments.

The good thing about French President Sarkozi is that he is often a very active, energetic and quite forceful person these are very good qualities when you are the European Community President who has little power but his own talents at persuasion.
He was able as the European Community President to broker a cease fire between the two belligerents and then have them sign the document that provides for the withdrawing of troops.
We do not know if the future will provides these countries with peace and prosperity because they are a long way before they can achieve this goal but at least this cease fire has brought relief to the civilian populations

Make no mistake the invasion of a European country by a European country has not happened since World War II. Territorial conquest by force were not supposed to happen anymore especially in the case of large countries overwhelming small countries. It is a very important defeat for Democracy when a Democratic Country with a Democratically elected leader gets absolutely no help from what was seven years ago the most powerful nation in the world
Russia with its suppression of independent media coverage and its constant use of threat and force against its neighbors cannot be considered a Democracy anymore.

The countries that will be the most powerful in the next decades are Russia, China and India unless the USA do not successfully elects two eight years term Presidents with the wisdom, strength and stature of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. China, Russia and India all claim to be modern Democracies but none are.

Events in the last week along with other events during the last 5 years have confirmed that:

- Russia is a belligerent dictatorship with increasing power due to the high price of petrol.
- China has restricted the free press and internet access even with the world watching during the Olympic Games. They have also retaliated with armed aggression at the drop of a hat against opponents such as Tibetans.
- India which has Democratic Institutions and a relatively non aggressive foreign policy has disenfranchised (at least 300 million of its inhabitants due to a combination of its system of religion beliefs and casts, repression of women's right and enormous corruption.

These Countries where modern Democracy values are not important are going to be our leaders in the future if The American people do not start to wake up to the dangers and immensity of the problem

A nation with no credibility and no leverage whatsoever in the concert of nations is a nobody and today, thanks to the Bush Cheney dictatorship the United States of America is a "nobody," and it is time for a greater number of American people to wake up, smell the disaster and begin to act to rescue the USA.

One at a time is my strategy and should be your strategy. Do not consider that talking politics with acquaintances, friends or relatives is rude or taboo.
In the face of so much destruction by the Bush Cheney dictatorship, you as an American Citizen and a Democrat, have a duty to show the light at the end of the tunnel to the misguided Republicans who were part of the gang leading the USA towards a downward spiral. Sometimes you will take a little bit of heat, but you will do a lot of good.

You will be a true Patriot in these days and in this age by telling the truth to as many people as you can, standing up for the ethical values of the founding fathers and explaining to Republicans they were wrong on a lot of issues, their attitudes and support of the Bush Cheney dictatorship was the most important weapon in the destruction of the USA.

Eric Lafayette
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