By Eric Lafayette November 5th 2014 Los Angeles

Why do we wait for leaders to show that they are absolute failures before deciding to replace them?

The perfect storm that shows the abysmal failures of the Democratic Party is made up of more than one element.

First and above all, the main responsible for the abysmal record of the Democratic Party is the leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. Her leadership has been ineffective and unintelligent and has not done anything to strengthen the USA in the last 10 years.
The fact that she did not impeach President George Bush the younger 10 years ago for lying to the American people into sending the USA fight the Iraqi war was a catastrophic mistake. The impeachment of George Bush the younger would have cemented his record as one of the most incompetent Presidents in American history, and it would also have shed light on the criminal behavior of Republican leaders who lied in unison with their President and led the USA into this disastrous war. Representative Pelosi's catastrophic mistake continues to allow Republicans leaders today to be the incarnation of virtue and good governance when they are retrograde, unintelligent, dishonest and foolish in their policies.
Nancy Pelosi seems to never ever see the right path to follow. Today and for the last 4 years she should have led and worked in concert with her fellow Democratic members of Congress and used the example of President Bush's catastrophic decisions and actions and compared them to President Obama's wiser and more responsible decisions to let the American people know they can be proud of their current President.

The main obvious mistake of Democratic leaders is that they very rarely compare the horrible state President Bush drove the USA after he had inherited a thriving economy from President Clinton to the remarkable recovery initiated by President Obama during his administration. President Obama and the Democrats took the USA from the abyss of a recession into the best economy among Western countries in 2014. By itself this remarkable achievement should have made President Obama a Rock Star. President Obama had other achievements as well including the impressive and important first step into general health care coverage in the USA. However the Democratic leaders chose out of cowardice to bow to the bullying and the propaganda of the conservative leaders of the Republican Party and the criminal media leaders of the Fox empire.

I began to feel that President Obama was really wrong as early as when he became president the first time in 2008 because after been elected he never analyzed and criticized the catastrophic situation that was destroying the USA when he became President. After his election he almost never blamed President Bush and the Republicans on each and everyone of the catastrophic mistakes they made together. President Bush made more that one hundred mistakes, but President Obama played the gentleman and almost never criticized the former President, never criticized the very disgusting master of the administration Vice President Cheney and the incapable leaders of the Republican party. Let me remind you that President Bush among other lies and mistakes: made fraudulent claims to send Americans in harms ways in Iraq, was a staunch supporter of pollution and pushed the attribution of millions of loans to buy houses without enough regulations. In short among his more than one hundred disastrous decisions he created two cancers gnawing at America's flanks by losing the war in Iraq which triggered the loss of the war in Afghanistan and then by helping create the greatest economic recession since the great depression of 1929 sending millions of Americans into poverty. President Obama never called President Bush and the Republicans on any of their catastrophic decisions allowing Republicans to redesign themselves as intelligent and efficient leaders which is an absolute absurdity.
In addition President Obama went from being a charismatic, dynamic leader to being an absent, withdrawn leader. Instead of building a team of allies that would include the leader of the House of Representatives and the leader of the Senate, he did nothing. Because the President has a lot of sway he could have channeled a positive discourse reflecting the achievements of the Democratic Party to the American people through the leaders of the Congress if he had used his weight to have new Democratic leaders in the Congress appointed.
What we have instead are Congressmen and Congresswomen incapable of fighting the right wing bullies and incapable of even promoting the truth which is: "We the Democrats thanks to President Obama's actions improved the situation in the USA ten times more than the Republicans did in the last Bush era."

In short very mediocre, passive Democratic leaders let the Republicans paint them as incompetent and irresponsible in the eyes of voters when in reality it is the Republicans that were and are incompetent and irresponsible.They never ever stopped pointing their fingers at President Obama and the Democrats and accusing them of hundreds of vices and crimes they never committed.

In fact because of their cowardice Democrats accepted to be bullied by Republicans who used lie after lie and spent much time and effort with the great help of the Fox network in describing President Obama and the Democrats as obstacles to the development of the USA. The Republicans suggested the Democrats should be removed and because Republican leaders had lied relentlessly for the last 10 years every single day to the Americans and the Democrats never fought back significantly the voters believed them. In letting themselves being bullied Democrats let Republican leaders define them as incompetent losers. They are losers in the 2014 elections, but they were not incompetent. Tragically, American voters believed the nasty fairy tale written by the Republican Party and broadcasted by the Fox network managed by two criminals, Murdoch father and son.

If you do not precisely tell the people the truth and keep repeating who is actually at fault about a rotten situation the voters will continue to trust the leaders who have continuously lied to them for the last 6 years because these lies are fairy tales who make very ignorant people feel good and there is no better demonstration that the poll which demonstrated that Fox viewers are less informed that people who do not watch television

It is mind boggling that Nancy Pelosi is still in power. The problem is of course that in the House of Representatives the Democrats elect their leader not because of their merit but because of how long they have served in the House so the next Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives could be another disaster.

The Democrats have no interesting leaders
The Democrats need much stronger leaders.

How can a party survive without leaders.
The absolute essential task the Democratic party has to do is to select leaders based on their leadership skills.

What about Howard Dean?