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Dear Readers,

It is not a choice between Republicans and Democrats. It is a choice between a part of the right wing Republican Party and the rest of the civilized world.
Republicans thrive on denying education to the masses. They have high level expensive private schools for the elite. However in their opinion the middle class does not deserve a comparable education because it could make them informed, aware and intelligent and then of course they would almost certainly vote for Democrats. It is a staple of right wing dictatorships to deny education to the great numbers of citizens in the middle class and the lower classes.

The main vehicle for right wing Republican propaganda is Fox cable News where you must go to see how nauseating and dishonest the fodder that the right wing Republican party delivers to its members is. Their membership receives a steady diet of pure tabloid propaganda; they love it and gobble it up. Remember for the last eight years we had 50% or more Americans who believed in clever marketing and propaganda broadcast by Fox News Cable.

We progressive Democrats have always believed in Education and the most notorious Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin, is a perfect example of a well educated and accomplished American.
He began life as a child living in poverty became an apprentice candle maker working with his brother. Upset by the narrow mindedness of his brother he moved on to become an apprentice printer but all the while as soon as he could read, he read constantly. He educated himself, including during his rest hours and at night by candle light.

He became good, very good, at being a printer. He was a master craftsman and he was proud to be one.
Have you ever heard Sarah Palin say that she was proud of Joe the Plumber because he was a master at his craft ? You never heard the Governor say it because what was important to her was to imply: He is like us, meaning he is white and not well educated. Joe the plumber became an icon for the Republican Party.
The fact that Joe the Plumber was idolized not because he was a great plumber but because he was uneducated speaks volumes about the core of the right wing of the Republican Party.
In addition for a while President Bush was proud to say that for most of his life he never read. Sarah Palin proudly admitted that she never read Newspapers let alone books.

Sarah Palin became and is an Idol of the Republican Party showing to her fellow members that she is as ignorant as they are and worthy of being their idol and of course she has become their super star. President Bush was elected twice thanks to good marketing but he is semi-literate and has succeeded in bringing your country to its knees.

Benjamin Franklin did not drink a drop of alcohol most of his life, indulging only when he was corrupted by good French food and good French wine when he lived in France and negotiated France's help already in his seventies.
On the other hand, Sarah Palin's idol Joe six pack represents beer drinking as a virtue a vital philosophy of life.

Benjamin Franklin was also a strong advocate of sports. He exercised every day and invented fins to swim faster and then tried them himself swimming in the Charles River. Of course you all know that he discovered electricity, invented bifocal glasses, the Franklin Stove and many other things and discovered the Gulf Stream a discovery he mentions in his autobiography.
To add one morequality to this remarkable man he purposedly did not patent his main inventions in order for this useful invention such as the Franklin stove to be available at low cost to all human beings.

Compare with the Frenzy of greed that characterizes Republican Business leaders bent on fleecing the Americans, a very unpatriotic path that lead to the economic demise of the USA.

For those eager to deepen their knowledge about Franklin, you will find a link to all Franklin Inventions at the bottom of this article. As of today I am not aware that Joe six pack has invented anything useful for his fellow human beings.

Benjamin Franklin is the quintessential self taught, self made American. Today with the Internet it is even easier for you or anybody else who wants to learn and to read, to attain higher levels of education. Today for somebody who learns to read well the sky is the limit. With much less at his disposal, Benjamin Franklin demonstrated the value of self education and improvement centuries ago.

Today education through public schools and college for all Americans who qualify and have the desire is essential to our growth and power as a nation in a complex world of nations.. Our economy, security, and well being as a nation depend on a well educated population. Barack Obama in the tradition of the true Democrats will try to create many more opportunities for each and every American to have access to the benefits of a great education.

Think! Please think hard, because it is almost incomprehensible. Almost half of Americans are very happy to put Joe six pack and Joe the plumber on pedestals as their heroes.
The Joes can be described as potential drunks and semi-literates who perfectly mirror George Bush who was a drunk and Sarah Palin who is semi-literate.

We should never ever slow down on our efforts to improve education in this country. It is the only way to educate the right wing Palin Bush supporters and turn them into educated Americans.

Do we have a reference? YES and it is Benjamin Franklin one of my Heroes.
He went from apprentice candle maker to become one of the greatest genius of his Century.

Best regards,
Eric Lafayette

PS: A good explanation of why Benjamin Franklin was successful in securing French help is the following:
"Franklin, who embodied the democratic beliefs of the Americans, could have been a threat to the French court, but instead, his humble style of clothing and his amazing intellect were embraced by the aristocracy. Biographer Claude-Anne Lopez writes that Franklin "was temperamentally suited for France. The streak of irreverence that ran through his entire life found a congenial reception in Paris, as did his love of laughter and desire to amuse. He did not shock the French, nor did his interest in women, which was considered perfectly normal."


by Eric Lafayette, September 17th 2008

Religious Fairy Tales and Intelligence.
Palin and Bush believe in Creationism also called Intelligent Design rather then Evolution. Even worse they also believe that Creationism and Intelligent Design should be taught in public schools in the United States.
Believing in Creationism or intelligent design as a science is a sure sign that the person who is a believer is not only ignorant but a borderline illiterate as well as extremely unintelligent.
The teaching of Creationism or Intelligent design as a science has been rejected by the supreme court as well as all scientific institutions.
Nonetheless Palin and Bush want this fairy tale of Creationism taught as Science in schools to oppose the real science that is Darwinism and evolution.
The proof of evolution abond by the hundred of thousands in our museums, towns and pastures. Stop at a ridding club, look at the front leg of a horse and you will SEE a proof of evolution.
There are not many markers that allow voters to judge if a candidate is smart and will do a good job of leading the Country or will do a horrible job. An exclusive belief in the fairy tale of Creationism being a science is such a marker.

Bush is a believer in the fairy tale of creationism being a science and he is the living example of a leader whose countless dreadful errors have lead the country to its demise. Sarah Palin has the same belief in the fairy tale that is creationism as a science.

Palin pushes it a couple of steps beyond absurdity in what we can call gigantic absurdity in supporting her former long time pastor who preached that when the end of the world comes, the state of Alaska will not be destroyed and will be the refuge for righteous Fundamentalist Christians.

For the last eight years we have had a President who is extremely unintelligent
but a President who is street smart and charming enough that he could be a great bar mate. These things do not qualify him to be an effective President, and we have the dreadful proof in the sinking of the USA. Palin is street smart too and you might enjoy attending a PTA with her or going out to hunt caribou on snowmobiles but she does not have the intelligence and skills to lead the USA away from the precipice and could instead lead the country to an even more sudden and grave demise.

Republican voters have completely forgotten that it takes

In addition Sara Palin added her belief that the USA went to war in Iraq on a task from God.
This shows that whenever all the analysis and the science are against going to war as it was the case for Iraq. She would be willing to send the USA into a war if her preacher told her to go to war or if she dreams God told her to go. She is literally a Bush clone. Bush had previously clearly stated his belief that God supported his decision to go to war in Iraq.
Here is a quote from Eve Ensler
"Sarah believes in God. That is of course her right, her private right. But when God and Guns come together in the public sector, when war is declared in God's name, when the rights of women are denied in his name, that is the end of separation of church and state and the undoing of everything America has ever tried to be."

Foreign affairs
One of the strongest resemblances between Bush and Palin is their total incompetence and lack of knowledge in foreign affairs.
Remember that during his first Presidential campaign Bush answered questions on foreign affairs and he sounded like an Idiot but Americans elected him anyway.
Now Sarah Palin has the same absence of knowledge and experience in foreign affairs.

She made a huge mistake that no members of the press noticed or commented on.
When asked by Charles Gibson from ABC who was the aggressor in the war between Georgia and Russia at the end of August 2008 she said, "Russia," and then Gibson insistently asked her again if Russia was the aggressor and she confirmed that it was. That is false, it is a major error. The truth is Georgia was the military aggressor. Please see our link at the end of this article.

If the United States is on the brink of military action the future Vice President and the potential President does not understand who attacked and who was attacked; we are on the verge of entering an even more dangerous world defined by leaders described by their complete and criminal incompetence.

The Economy
The financial meltdown of the financial institutions triggered by an absence of regulation and supervision of these financial institutions show without uncertainty that George Bush has shown crass incompetence in the financial area.

To put it bluntly not only Mc Cain has said that he is incompetent but his main economic adviser Fiorina has said that Palin is incompetent. In addition during this financial meltdown there declarations made them look like blundering idiots and these declarations have lowered their level of competence to minus zero.

Oil and Energy.
Sara Palin is proud to lead her crowd into chanting: "drill, drill, drill!" All her discourses on energy emphasize that she is an energy specialist from an energy rich state.

She is every bit as much an energy specialist as Bush was. He was from Texas another energy rich state. They are the specialists of drill, drill, drill who want to in order to lure the Americans into abandoning serious conservation policies or making it a top priority to develop renewable and sustainable energy.

Here are some simple numbers.
If all the oil reserves in Alaska including the wildlife reserves that are off limits now were put in production, the oil would begin to trickle in over 10 years from now.The US currently imports 12,000,000 barrels a day of Petroleum mostly crude oil. Within 15 years Alaska could achieve a good level of production of 650 000 barrels a day and that would represent a paltry 5% of the imports. The slogan "drill, drill, drill" advocated by Palin is a sinister lie true to her discourse.
If a strong government program
with incentives for home owners who conserve energy and taxes on those who waste energy as well as a lot more incentives and penalties for the car manufacturers to encourage the manufacturing of plug in hybrids and electric vehicules we would have a fuel economy within 5 years vastly superior to any potential oil drilling in Alaska and a much better economic viability as a producer of energy efficient vehicles.
If we at the same time build windmills and solar panel farms
the United States has the potential to produce a lot more energy in less time than any possible oil drilling in Alaska.
"Drill! Drill! Drill!" is the quintessential battle cry of the most antiquated, ill informed, inept leaders and their followers in the USA.

Dictatorship Instead of Democracy
Palin and Bush believe in behaving like little tyrants at the expense of Constitutional law and the ethics and protocols of participatory Democracy.
Bush sent his attack dogs against Valerie Plane because her husband had displeased King George by not licking his boots and he had the courage to tell George W. Bush the truth when the truth when it could have prevented the war with Iraq. When it was proven that his main attack dog was guilty Bush used the power of Presidential pardon to free a convicted felon from jail and reward that felon for the dirty work he did for the administration. to free from jail this convicted felon who did the dirty job for him.
Again we have more example thar Sarah Palin is aBush clone.
In her very short life as a public servant she has already abused the power invested in her by a majority of voters to exuberantly favor friends, clans and sects and she has acted to harm or destroy anybody that contradicted her or opposed her or her family. Her behavior is very similar to George W. Bush. Both have used use their power as leaders in government to go after their foes with additional bad points for Palin, who not only attacked political foes as it is the case with Bush but family foes on a personal level;
As a mayor she tried to fire the librarian in her town of Wasilla because the librarian refused to ban books in order to please a minority of Mayor Palin's friends and supporters.
Governor Palin used her power to fire Alaska's top law enforcement official
because he refused to fire a brother in law she despised. Bush has constantly used his office to appoint very incapable friends such as Alberto Gonzales as the Attorney General of the United States and FEMA's director Michael D Brown. That is not Democracy that is a dictatorship.

On Sunday, September 14, 2008 The New York Times reported Sunday September 14th that as governor, Palin appointed a high school classmate, Francis Havemeister, to a $95,000-a-year job as head of the State Division of Agriculture. Havemeister "cited her childhood love of cows as a qualification for running the roughly $2 million agency," the Times reported noting her as one of at least five schoolmates Palin has has appointed to high-paying jobs in government.

In addition she is refusing to cooperate with the Justice Department about the firing of the top law enforcement official. That is pure dictatorship behavior or a synonym for the behavior of President Bush and his Henchmen . Bush has replaced the greatest Democracy in the world, the US Democracy that was a beacon for all modern Democracies with what could be called the first US dictatorship.

Neither Bush nor Palin have any idea about the concept of Democracy. They are so unintelligent and illiterate that they cannot comprehend the scope or the usefulness and importance of Democracy.

For Palin and Bush Democracy is a tool to grab power with and for their friends and supporters then destroy their enemies especially if they are fellow American or allies and divide the nation between those prefered Americans with an abhorrence to education who believe the fairy tales she and her friends and supporters in the Christian Right make them swallow and the Americans who have the drive to inform themselves and believe in Science. This group of Americans committed to continuing their education by reading a lot and staying informed is a category of Americans who are called Democrats and Independents.
Palin has used the tool of Democracy to carve for herself a dictatorship in Alaska, and she refuses to answer to the justice system of her country.


The main characteristic of Republican voters is that they cherish being lied by their dishonest leaders to as long as nobody disturbs their long held comfortable lifestyles and false beliefs.
Bush was elected on well crafted lies fed to the naïve, semi-literate, greedy and ill informed Republicans who gave us one of the worst Presidents in the History of the USA, but by September 2008 only 20% of the Americans believed that George Bush was doing a good job. You would be hopeful that with the evidence of George Bush's election of the most incompetent American ever to lead the USA based on well crafted lies, voters would reject Palin, absolutely not, the same Republicans who voted for the worst President in US History worship Sarah Palin and the Palin-McCain ticket is slightly ahead of the Barack-Biden ticket in the polls

There are no two people more similar in their dictatorial behavior, cronyism, illiteracy, lack of world knowledge and profound unintelligence than Palin and Bush.

In addition in exactly the same way candidate Bush was kept under wraps in his first election and not allowed to talk freely to the press outside of carefully scripted performances, Governor Palin is also kept under wraps except for carefully scripted appearances.

The Republicans leaders were and are afraid that these candidates will reveal their phenomenal ignorance and unintelligence

If the Majority of Americans are stupid enough to elect Palin they deserve a stupid Vice President who could become their President. Then they could be proud to claim that in less than ten years they were able to elect the most incompetent President and the most incompetent Vice President.

Even though they may deserve it the United States and the Democracy we love does not. Only the constant and dedicated action of raising the levels of education among all American citizens will allow what was once a great and respected nation in the world under the founding fathers then Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Clinton and others to return to its grandeur bolstered by its educated citizens and not those who believe in lies like those offered by Republican leaders Bush and Palin and others who try to divide us.

Eric Lafayette


by Eric Lafayette; July 13th 2008

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."
This verse is part of "The New Colossus," by Emma Lazarus. It is one of the most famous poems in the USA, and is engraved on the pedestal of the statue of Liberty.

There is no greater physical symbol of Unity in United States History than the Statue of Liberty and this poem. The poem embodies what made America such a great country which is to welcome every newcomer and mold them into dedicated patriots. The poem is remarkable, but the reality has not always fulfilled its promise.
Many Americans: African Americans, Women and poor white people were disenfranchised.
Either because they did not have the right to vote or because they were poor; Voting rights were given to all white male in 1860 regardless of their fortune, women in 1920 and African American real right to vote in 1965.
These categories were "left behind" and in many cases they are still the "left behind" today when it comes to the distribution of power and wealth.

Barack Obama should unite these categories and create the "move forward" movement. Because during the Bush- Cheney era, the same categories instead of watching an improvement in the applications of the rights given to them by the Constitution among which are " created equals" and " the pursuit of Happiness " experienced a lot of discrepancy between the Constitution and the reality.

Barack Obama should say if he hopes to be the new Colossus:
"Let us unite our hard working people, our disenfranchised black people, our underpaid women, our ostracized Latinos, our middle class with stagnant income, all the people that the Bush Cheney Presidency threw into an abyss of economic distress as well as in a tyrannical and secretive system of government."

In choosing a woman as a Vice President Barack Obama will unite the categories of the American society that have been mistreated for a long time but especially neglected by the Bush Cheney administration.
Choosing a competent talented woman to be his Vice President is the right decision.

In addition I believe that Barack Osama's campaign has totally run out of steam and imagination in his Campaign.
Rejecting Hilary Clinton as a Vice President is a mistake although her and her husband are doing their best to anger Obama and his supporters. Each time Barack Obama begins to consider her as a potential Vice President she treats him like an enemy that has to hurt as much as possible.
Barack Obama came up with the word "CHANGE" or "Change we can believe in" this slogan filled a void created by the horrible anguish felt by almost all Americans who are depressed by George W. Bush's debasing follies.

Then he had to explain what changes he would make.
So far, he has failed utterly at providing a grand concept that will includes solutions and explanations.
Instead of creating a philosophy for his presidency he entered the arena of squabbles and little fights with John McCain. The only policies he has presented are watered down versions of his previously stated ideas.

He could have done much better.
He could have achieved so much and so many goals by being the candidate who could embrace the achievements of the Founding Fathers, and saying that the USA today is in such a dire state that we need to summon all the virtues of the Founding Fathers as well as the ideas and accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King to rebuild the strong and vibrant Democracy the USA was before George W. Bush's Presidency brought it to its knees. Barack Obama could be great if engaged in this kind of epic discourse.

Barack Obama should have the following discourse:

"Let us restore the Constitution with the Bill of Rights to their fullest expression and protection of individual rights. Please listen my Friends and Fellow Americans; we need to demonstrate the fortitude, courage and resilience of George Washington, the creativity of Benjamin Franklin, and the dedication to the people of Thomas Jefferson.The times that are ahead of us and our country will not be easy, but we will remember that when our nation was in its greatest turmoil Abraham Lincoln never gave up and against all odds he rebuilt the Union of States after the Civil War.We should remember that the only thing we should be afraid of is fear itself."

Through his respect for the Founding Fathers and their achievements Barack Obama will transcend issues of race and draw on the support of all citizens in favor of his programs and ideas. By respecting the importance of the Constitution of the United States as a document that made the USA a formidable nation he will unite the country after the attacks launched by the George W. Bush Administration which attempted to master the destruction of the Constitution and the institutions, rights and systems it protects. Barack Obama will be able to set an agenda to reestablish Democracy in the USA and will be able to create improvements in educational standards in studies of Democratic Institutions (civic studies) and the cornerstone of Democracy the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He can be the master of a Timeline that will reestablish the importance of education and understanding Democracy as opposed to the Timelines of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and ongoing economic crisis he will to his dismay have very little control.

What are the reasons Barack Obama should choose Hilary Clinton or a woman as his Vice President?

They are incredibly strong and they are contained in one of Barack Obama's favorite words: "INCLUSIVE."

If Obama is true to his word then there is no other choice than Hilary Clinton or a woman with similar traction because her supporters comprise the greatest numbers of constituents from the Democratic Party. If he wants to be inclusive he should think first of being inclusive about the constituency of his own party;

The Obama Clinton Campaign should create a coalition of those "left behind" or "the disenfranchised "during the Bush Presidency.

Those left behind are: Women, African Americans, young people, the working class , Latinos, scholars, intellectuals and independents.
From a Concept of the "coalition of the left behind " by the Bush Presidency should come a constituency that would favor an Obama/Clinton Campaign over any McCain Campaign. This is a very rich and powerful concept.

Barack Obama brings young people, African Americans and whites, scholars and independents together.
Barack Obama can engage parts of the necessary Democratic Coalition left behind.

Hilary Clinton or a woman with similar traction could bring the rest: Women, Hispanic and Latino Voters, hard working white voters and African Americans.

Barack Obama should choose Hilary Clinton or a woman with similar talents because she fits his "INCLUSIVE" strategy.
Not choosing Hilary Clinton could be a huge mistake.

This is not a tactical move to win the election, it goes far beyond tactics. Inclusiveness is a powerful concept and if well executed guaranties an election based on deep feeling from the "left behinds" and more importantly it can renew the faith of the left behinds and their right to share in the wealth and inclusion promised by the American Democratic System.

Let' us ascend in these times of dangers to the levels of our Founding fathers.
Let us include you the American citizen and you will not be left behind.

Best regards
Eric Lafayette

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OUR DREAM TEAM: More Democratic Stars on Board
Democratic Convention 2008
By Eric Lafayette, Los Angeles August 28th 2008, published by FOR DEMOCRACY,
Last night Wednesday August 27th at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver we witnessed important events.

Some will say, we witnessed history being made when Barack Obama, an African American, was officially nominated to be the Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party in the upcoming election. But if Barack Obama does not become the next President of the USA it will not rescue our nation.
Others will say, that the Vice Presidential Candidate's speech was important, and it was. Joe Bidden as usual was very good, and his speech was important.

None of these events was the show stopper
. The true show stopper was PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON'S SPEECH.
Not only because it was exceptional, but because Bill Clinton rejoined the ranks of Barack Obama's team.

With Bill on board we now have A DREAM TEAM.
Everybody rejoice, the Democrats have A DREAM TEAM!

Bill Clinton at his best is the best campaigner there ever was in the United States of America. There is no one in the world today that can craft and deliver such brilliant speeches.
We now have Democratic leaders that are far superior to John McCain and his associates not only at framing just and visionary policies for the future, but they are also much better at campaigning.

Here is the dream team and each of them is better than any of McCain's associates as well as better than John McCain himself
Here are the names of these brilliant men and women listed in the order of their skills at Campaigning;

Bill Clinton
Barack Obama
Joe Biden
Mark Werner
Hilary Clinton
Brian Schweitzer
Denis Kucinich

Make no mistake, these leaders are not only great at campaigning but any one of them could be elected President of the USA after Barack Obama's serves his eight years as President and be an exceptional President.

Racism will be an important factor in the next elections, but if this new dream team is well coordinated and gives 200% of its time and talent then there is a very good chance that Barack Obama will be our next President. To be realistic, in order to win Barack Obama will need to be at least 6% ahead in the polls going into the final days of the election. When polled the majority of people refuse to define themselves as racists but when they are alone in the secret of the voting booth 5% of them will vote as genuine racists.

On the Republican side they have no one but McCain; even if Mitt Romney is the Vice President he is a mediocre candidate in comparison to any of our leaders.

Six weeks from today, I predict that Barack Obama will be ahead in the polls by a margin of 8% to 10%.
Enjoy the moment and the knowledge that we have a DREAM TEAM.

Best regards,
Eric Lafayette



By Eric Lafayette, Los Angeles, August 26th 2008 published by

I was a Biden supporter, and I am extremely pleased that Obama selected him as his Vice President.

Many people know Joe Biden as a Senator.The media has shown its praise and respect for him as Obama's choice because of the strength and experience Joe Biden adds to the Democratic ticket.
He has been a dedicated, brilliant and extremely active Senator in Washington for thirty five years. His experience and knowledge are very valuable.
Joe Biden is an expert in foreign affairs and he has served as Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee.
Joe Biden is fully aware of how the United States judicial system works and has been actively involved in criminal legislation as well as serving as the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.
His name is attached to many other important pieces of legislation almost all of which defend and protect the oppressed, the left behind as well as the environment.


My point is that after 35 years in Congress Joe Biden to his credit is still an idealist.

Joe Biden is an idealist but an idealist that has, through countless fights in the Congress for good and just causes, acquired invaluable experience.
Barack Obama is also an idealist and that is one of the reasons they like each other and are comfortable with each other.

It is a great team because they are both idealists.
It is a necessary team for our time because the American dream and America's great image was sent to the gutter by the Bush Cheney Dictatorship.

It is a time for reviving the ethical values that made America so great.
It is a time for reviving the ethical values of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Martin Luther King.

Only greatness and strength of character can spark the renewal, revival and rebirth of the United States of America.

Obama's campaign has been lackluster lately because his advisers are bean-counters in the sense that they do not want him to make a mistake and they make him try to gain a small sliver of the electorate here, a small sliver of the electorate there.

In addition he lowered himself into McCain territory by engaging in stupid little squabbles that lower any candidate.
Yes you have to answer to McCain attacks but immediately after you have to ascend to another level, your own level, which is the level of patriotic duty and it is the task of rebuilding the USA.

The vision of Greatness, vision of a new America, vision of a better Democracy are all concepts that make our heart beat faster, and they have been shelved in a remote closet.

Perhaps Joe Biden has brought the special key that will unleash these wonderful forces from the closet where Obama's advisers have shelved them.


Let us hope for greatness from these two candidates.

Since I wrote this Email yesterday afternoon a Great American has spoken: TED KENNEDY.

He was formidable, his message is right and was right for the last 40 years and I hope Obama and his advisers will wake up and follow his lead.
Here are a couple of excerpts of what he said:

"The hope rises again and the dream leaves on"
"To restore its (the USA) future, to rise to its best ideals"
"Yes we can and finally yes we will"

Here is the CNN link to his speech at the convention.
It is absolutely worth watching it if you did not see it yet and worth watching it again if you already saw it.

Ted Kennedy speech Democratic Convention 2008

Having watched in the last seven days my favorite three leaders now thogether in what is going to be a tough fight to win the opportunity to lead America back to greatness as well as for them to bring opportunities for the many and not for the few, higher education for all, healthcare for all, I am a happy person and I hope you are too.

Best regards,
Eric Lafayette
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