My dear fellow Democrats
It is not often that the good guys AKA we the Democrats beat the evil guys AKA the Republicans, but we did it. Let' s enjoy this well deserved VICTORY.
All segments of the American society with the exception of the one percent would have been hurt by Mitt Romney's Voodoo economics. Now we can breath a sight of relief.

The campaign did not last One year but Four years. Make no mistake the campaign was about racism. The Republicans could not accept that a BLACK President could be successful and they did everything they could do using racism again and again to destroy President Obama including trying to deny that Obama was an American by asking for his long form Birth certificate and labeling him as a Muslim; all these labels in fact are substitutes for: " You are black, you are not like us the White Republicans. Fortunately President Obama is very resilient. Mitch McConnell the Republican leader of the House stated a few years ago, "My main task is to prevent President Obama to win a second term." Mitch McConnell has with great consistence refused to denounce the racist comments made by the leaders of his party.
Sarah Palin constantly fanned the bonfires of Racism.

The bottom line is that Republicans are traitors to their country because they put their racism which fueled their desire to get rid of a good President above the good of America. They blocked all of President Obama 's constructive initiatives. These initiatives would have diminished unemployment and reduced the debt but NO they had to destroy President Obama a black president at the expenses of the welfare of the United States of America.

Fortunately African Americans responded with intelligence and efficiency and went to vote in droves helping reelect President Obama. Congratulations to the African American voters and organizers

Good news for the women too: Senator Elizabeth Warren defeated her Republican opponent and returned the Senator seat in Massachusetts to the Democratic party a seat made famous by the Kennedy family.
Claire McCaskill defeated Todd Akin a supporter of " legitimate rape", a nauseating man was defeated
Richard Mourdock was a disgusting man who thinks that women should be denied the right to an abortion even after been raped. He was beaten by Joe Donnely a Democrat.
A majority of Women voted for Barack Obama which shows that Republicans can no longer treat women as sub-serviant sidekicks and that the flag of pride is rising high for women in the USA.
Let's not forget other positives aspects of the Democrats vote: Young people who represent the future of the USA voted massively, the Latinos are feeling more and more confident in the power of the American Democracy and they voted in large numbers
Let's not forget all Democrats who believe in a generous, intelligent melting pot we call America and that we love tremendously. We are justly horrified by the Republican philosophy : "The end justify any dirty means" and the Republicans used plenty including outrageous lies, biased redistricting and disenfranchising of voters.
To us the Democrats Congratulations are in order. America is a better country thanks to you.
I am happy to be among the good guys who won, aren't you?

Don't let your guard down The Republican leader Mitch McConnell has already fired a salvo of nauseating lies against President Obama. Stay alert and demand from your representatives, Senators and the President guts and backbone.
Eric Lafayette, November 7th 2012
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