About Haiti, be Proud of your Country the USA
Los Angeles 22nd 2010 by Eric Lafayette
(Check a remarkable article by Sanjay Gupta Surgeon and Medical correspondant for CNN, full article at the bottom of the page)

Dear For Democracy Members,

This is the first time since President Bush was inaugurated ten years ago that the USA is at its best in operations outside the USA.

Our country is at its best, showing great generosity and great efficiency in going into a horrible disaster in Haiti and rescuing thousands of people.

This is due to President Obama who immediately sent sufficient numbers of troops on a peaceful mission that will save lives and alleviate the nightmares and pain of hundreds of thousands of desperate people.

President Obama has made mistakes but thanks to him America is at its best in Haiti, the America we love, Very generous and extremely effective and the Haitians have realized it quickly and they are now chanting their praises for the USA.

They are right, As of today January 22nd 2010 (American relief effort only)
-- U.S. spending for relief in Haiti has hit $170 million (far more than any other country)
-- More than 700,000 meals delivered
-- 1.4 million bottles of water have been delivered,
-- 22,000 pounds of medical supplies delivered,

Is it enough? absolutely not because we are talking of a population in need of 3 000 000 people in a country where all Infrastructures, medical facilities, equipment and security were already a mess before the earthquake.

I am writing this article because a bunch of repugnant, ignorant idiots from the left are on the Internet insulting the actions of the USA, using hearsay and false representation of the situation, never verifying their sources and putting out exactly the kind of biased reports that are standard for Fox News. Of course like self anointed gurus they do not even have a clue of the History of endemic violence in Haiti before the earthquake ( murderous para governemental organization" Tontons Macoutes) violence as in Murder and rape was rampant before the earth quake (According to the UN, 50 per cent of young women in the violent shantytowns of Haiti have been raped or sexually assaulted - UN figures-) These violent behaviours of part of the Haitians population have been exacerbated by the earthquake and only the presence of well organized American troops prevented this horrible catastrophy in turning into a scene of Chaos and extreme violence.

Soiling the image of your nation when your nation is at his best can only be the work of disgusting human beings who are twin brothers of the Fox News anchormen as well as fans of Fidel Castro - Cuba- and Hugo Chavez - Venezuela-

If you cannot be proud of your country when your country the USA shines at its best please emigrates to Venezuela or Cuba. They love liars there. Bashing the USA is their main activity, you will be reunited with your peers. Move to countries whose entire regimes are based on constant lies and tyrannical excess.

Eric Lafayette

CNN article
"Hope for Haiti Now," Anderson Cooper joins Wyclef Jean and George Clooney on Friday for a global telethon to air commercial-free across multiple networks and CNN. At 8 p.m. ET/PT Friday.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) -- Aid is reaching earthquake-torn Haiti, but getting it to the people who need it remains a challenge.

Large quantities of medications, baby formula and other relief supplies are sitting on the tarmac and in warehouses at the Port-au-Prince airport, but no one is moving it out, according to CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta.

"It's like everywhere we go, just walking through the airport, outside the airport even, people are saying, 'We need supplies,' " Gupta said.

Gupta found pallets of formula, pain medication and antibiotics standing unattended next to the runway.

U.S. military personnel in a warehouse tent at the airport gave Gupta a trash bag full of supplies to take back to a hospital he had visited earlier but couldn't explain why there seemed to be no organized system for distribution.

"There is stuff here waiting to be taken out, that's a true statement," said Air Force Col. Ben McMullen, deputy commander of the Joint Special Operations Air Component. "Is it a lot? I can't speak to it. I will tell you the reason you got it is that everyone on this side, specifically the U.S. government side, is dedicated to getting as much stuff outside as they can. ...

"It's a shame, because you would hope that everything could get out there within seconds. But that kind of infrastructure just isn't in place."

Over at the city's port, authorities pushing to clear bottlenecks hope to restore two-way traffic at the south pier sometime Friday. that rocked the impoverished nation on January 12 damaged its capital's north and south piers. Haitian authorities and the U.S. military had restored one-way traffic to the south pier, which is the smaller of the two

Port-au-Prince's north pier remains unusable.

The bottlenecks have delayed food and medical aid to the estimated 3 million Haitians who have been affected by the quake.

At least 72,000 people have been confirmed dead in the quake, according to Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive.

Canadian troops, meanwhile, were working to open an airport in Jacmel on Thursday, another step that could speed delivery of relief supplies. Jacmel, a seaside town about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from Port-au-Prince, is considered Haiti's cultural capital.

Delayed relief supplies have led to at least five deaths, according to the aid group Doctors Without Borders, also known as Médecins Sans Frontières.

Full coverage | Twitter updates

Working under adverse conditions with limited supplies, medical teams have been forced to improvise.

Renzo Fricke, field coordinator for Doctors Without Borders, said staffers had to buy a saw in the market so surgeons could do amputations. A CNN crew loaned a medic a pocketknife for another operation.

Lacking rubbing alcohol, doctors have used vodka to sterilize equipment and instruments. Surgical patients are receiving over-the-counter pain medicine because doctors lack stronger medication. One nurse used a string of Christmas lights as a makeshift extension cord. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen saw a belt used as a tourniquet. When that broke, a garden hose was used.

U.S. officials have acknowledged that not all aid, particularly medical supplies, has been getting through fast enough. The situation is improving, however, they said.

That offered limited comfort to some Haitians.

Los Angeles June 17th 2009 by Eric Lafayette published by www.fordemocracy.com

Republican leaders have been very prominent on the airwaves recently.
Their declarations help us re-discover what type of Americans they are and in what category of human beings they belong.

Three types of Republicans

CATEGORY ONE: The Republican elite, the most dangerous for the USA and the most dishonest.
The Republican elite support domestic terrorism, incitation to murder, rejection of the US Constitution which is the highest law of the land,
They are the main support group for domestic terrorism:
Constantly inciting their listeners to hate President Obama, doctors who perform legal abortions, all Muslims as well as all Democrats.
They are unequivocally engaged in inciting murders of law abiding citizens and their President. "More hate" is their motto

In addition they are constantly lying overtly by editing the words of President Obama.
There dishonestly is mind boggling, among their many lies they portrayed President Obama paying respect to the fallen American heroes of World War II on Day in Normandy as taking a sightseeing tour in France. There are no limits to their practices not even the respect owed to our fallen heroes.
They have absolutely no ethics because another of their main motto is: "The end justifies the means"
The welfare and good of the USA never was and never is their real goal, instead, hatred directed at other Americans as well as the selfish promotion of their own privileged elite is their burning deranged quest.
They are closely allied to the Religious right wing that falsely portrayed President Obama as a Muslim in effect designating him as a target to be killed by religious Christian extremists
Their names are Bill O Reilly, Sean Hannity, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Mitch McCallum, John Voight, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and the most responsible of all FOX Network e Rupert Murdoch

CATEGORY TWO: The Republicans American people were used to respect another type of Republicans: the loyal Republicans
These remarkable people always had the interest of the United States of America as their guiding principle and they always supported the US Constitution and international treaties signed by the USA as well as the rule of law in the land of the Free and the Brave.
In my opinion, these Republicans should not be called "moderates" but true Americans.
When you uphold the rule of law which is the duty of any American and when you reject the spreading of hate by right wing criminals you are a lot more than a moderate you are an honest American, you are loyal to the principle the United States of America was built upon.
They are not part of the new Republicans decision makers, let alone the new elite.
They are a disappearing breed, some of them have retired, some of them have changed allegiance but none of them are fans of the FOX, Limbaugh, and Cheney team of fascists.
They include those still registered as Republicans Senators Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, John Mc Cain, also Colin Powell, iformer Senator John Warner, President George Bush the Elder and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Those who had to leave the Republican party under attack for being " moderate" are Arlen Specter and Michael Bloomberg.
One of the common threads that unites these so called moderates who I call honest Republicans is the hatred the right wing Republican elite spills on them.
All of the above Republicans or former Republicans have been insulted, trashed, threatened repeatedly by the Republican elite such as Rush Limbaugh and Vice President Dick Cheney;
Former Vice President Dick Cheney when asked to choose between Rush Limbaugh, a drug addict crossed with a dangerous clown and General Colin Powell an American hero who won the first Iraq war chose Rush Limbaugh. No further comments needed.
A ray of hope could come if these very honest Republicans could create a new Party: The Loyalist party.

CATEGORY THREE The Republican constitents:

The absolute constant that defines the view of the education system by the Republican leaders without any doubts is: Cut the funding for public education, dismantle public education, and suppress the power of the Secretary of Education.
The Republican leaders without flinching and among them Ronald Reagan one of the fiercest opponents of public educations have always waged a war against public education in a country where the goal of the founding fathers was to create and maintain equal access to public education. In today's world where other leading nations have strong programs of public education wrecking the public education system is tantamount to intellectual mass suicide and this philosophy in the short term validates the taught credo of the Republican masses who believe in droves that education is not important because their leaders are constantly waging a war against funding education.
I feel free to criticize people without education because I have only a High School diploma, but I always cherished education. I am self taught and I am blessed not to have been fed the Republican propaganda against education.

The Republican leaders have deliberately created a crowd of uneducated voters.
It is extremely important for them to create such a crowd to be able to make this uneducated crowd gobble up all the lies the FOX network, Limbaugh, Cheney and their like are feeding this perfect audience of illiterate people.
The elite right wing Republicans are creating a crowd of uneducated people ready to be brain washed and controlled by them
The Republican elite choose under the guidance of Cheney, Limbaugh, Rupert Murdoch and his Fox network the path of violence and hatred towards their fellow Americans.
What is even scarier because they were and are absolutely wrong on all issues such as global warming, the economy, the respect of the US Constitution it is that they have no choice in order to win but to impose their deranged opinion by terrorism and violence in the constant tradition of fascist leaders.
Imposing your point of view by violence is Fascism.
I am not talking only about inciting their followers into murdering doctors I am talking about Bill O' Reilly launching, to harass her, a TV crew all the way to the home of a journalist who criticized him.
I am talking about Sarah Palin feeding hate against President Obama, I am talking about Dick cheney sponsoring torture in violation of the Geneva convention. I am talking about Rupert Murdoch labeling President Obama as having dangerous policies thus designing him a target to be killed as well as sponsoring multiple streams of hatred directed at decent Americans
Because anybody with a decent education would very easily debunk the layers upon layers of lies that the Republican right wing constantly feeds to its herd of uneducated sheeps.
In addition it is a lot easier to whip up ill informed and uneducated Republican sympathizers who have spent their lives being fed hatred by the Fox Network into a murderous rage.

The 2008-2009 Republicans leaders with their chief engineer FOX News Imperator Rupert Murdoch have built a pipe line of hatred and violence targeting their fellow Americans and their President.
The 2008-2009 Republican leaders have become a right wing fascist party, it is time the American people recognize it.

Eric Lafayette



The first three weeks: January 21st 2009- February 6th 2009
Stimulus package presentation and Republican rebuke
By Eric Lafayette published by www.fordemocracy.com February 9th 2009

1) President Obama's actions

Ten days into his term President Obama has shown that he is the great president this battered and diminished country direly needs.
His first acts were in accordance with the spirit of his campaign.

On his second day in office, January 22nd 2009 President Obama signed executive orders that will:
Close Guantanamo within a year and a half
Forbid the use of torture
Freeze pending military kangaroo court trials

In addition, in early February through memoranda President Obama:
Reversed President Bush's denial of climate change.
Authorized states to adopt more stringent parameters on auto pollution.
Made respecting labor laws a priority for all contractors working with the government
With a couple of strokes of his pen he reignited our hopes.

His job approval is extremely high; 76% in the polls


Remember the USA is a very successful nation when spurred on by demanding and ambitious goals, and the following milestones can remind us of this reality:

The New Deal was a gigantic enterprise that responded to the Great Depression giving hopes and food to millions.
Winning world war one and world war two.
Building the largest transportation network of highways and freeways in the world in the 1950s.
Succeeding in sending manned space flight to the surface of moon.

Even more important is President Obama's new rescue package designed to lift the USA from the abysmal state it was left in by the Bush Cheney Dictatorship.


It is a gigantic project that could put the USA at the forefront of the economies of the future.

It will develop and build research centers and factories to build solar and wind power equipment, electric cars and planes and other technologies for sustainable life on planet earth and beyond.

This project will not create jobs overnight and Republican critics are pointing that out, but this project will insure that the USA will still be an important player in tomorrow's world.

In addition he is faithful to his campaign promises by allocating significant money to education which is the best assurance that the USA will continue to be a world leader.

2) Destroying President Obama and in the process any hope for you and me to have a better America

The initial amount of the President's stimulus package was $825 billion. It was crafted and modified by the Democrats in the House of Representatives. The stimulus passed because the Democrats have the majority in the house.
When voted on, it was rejected by every Republican Representative.

This unanimous rejection speaks volumes because of the very fact that President Obama met with members of the leadership of the Republican Party in a bipartisan spirit in order to bring them on board.

Of course the Republicans justified their rejection by saying that there were too many provisions that did not stimulate the economy immediately. They had a point but a very minor one because the amount of money irrelevant to stimulating the economy is less than 10%.
Republicans as always have shown their great dishonesty by rejecting a plan that was providing 90% of the necessary stimulus.

The plan even when trimmed was rejected by all Republican Senators, after more trimming which took out some of President Obama's promises only 3 Republican Senators were inclined to vote in favor of the package.

Democrats Senators by trimming too much Obama's plan to please the Republicans are reneging on their promises to bring education to those currently left behind as well as improving the overall level of education of the American people which is in a dismal state.

Democrats Senators also trimmed money for food stamps and money for unemployment benefits and so on.
What a shame!

Then Dick Cheney on a TV show on February 4th 2009 aggressed President Obama and the Democrats while lying again and again

His most dangerous lie is that attacking Iraq was a good decision and an important step in the fight against terrorism. In his last interview he declared to the American people that there will be another attack by terrorists on American people.
Dick Cheney is again rewriting history because every single organization that studies terrorism affirms without any doubt that the war against Iraq and the fact that it was based on lies and falsehoods has multiplied thanks to Dick Cheney and George W. Bush the number of terrorists bent on killing Americans by TEN FOLD as well as increasing by millions the number of inhabitants of the planet who hate Americans.

The negative attitude of the Republican leaders and Republican radio and television personalities is a mixture of profound hate, abysmal irresponsibility and the desire to destroy Obama even if it means destroying the USA.

Based on historical precedent all analysts without exception said that President Obama will be experiencing a honeymoon with the Republicans that would last 100 days. The Republicans did not even give the president of their own country 3 weeks before they began to try to destroy him.

On his Radio show Rush Limbaugh when Barack Obama was elected said and I quote, "I want him to fail!" He repeated it on any occasion when invited to appear on numerous TV shows.
However the chilling part for the future of the USA is that no Republican Senators or Representatives criticized him for wishing that the President of the USA fails thus making the USA fail. They are bent on creating more failure for their country after 8 years of horrendous failures by the Republican President George W. Bush.
Correction, one Republican and only one U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey, a Georgia House Republican, expressed his disagreement with conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh on January 29th.
However on an interesting reversal Gingrey actually went on Limbaugh's radio show and apologized. "I regret those stupid comments,'' he said on the radio.
I repeat only one out of hundreds of Republican leaders criticized Rush Limbaugh for wishing that the President of the USA fails instead of succeeding in rescuing our country from the abyss President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh and their peers pushed it into and this lonely voice recanted.

In case it was not enough, Sean Hannity from Tabloid Fox News cable Network invited Rush Limbaugh to appear on his show and pushed him to chant his " I want him to fail " and never interrupted him when Rush Limbaugh went on explaining that President Obama would turn the USA into another Cuba, China or Communist Soviet Union.

These lies and ridiculous accusations are what makes reactionary members of the Republican Party enormously happy.

Their two Republican Heroes are:
Rush Limbaugh, a drug addict, a liar and a coward.
Sarah Palin a semi illiterate who uses a helicopter to butcher elks and during the recent campaign promoted abstinence to everybody even though her daughter became pregnant when she was unmarried and a teenager

You could ask me why I am so intense on raising the red flag to show how much hatred there is in the Republican Party directed at President Obama.

It is very simple:
President Obama will work hard to protect us from our foreign enemies and will try to improve the economy and there is nothing I can personally do to help him.
The Secret Service will try to prevent Obama from being killed , and there is nothing I can do to help them.

However I can try to help lessen and weaken the formidable witch hunt launched by the Republicans to ensure that the USA I believe in and President Obama hopes to preserve will fail.

I believe it is my duty, and I hope you will consider making it your duty too.

Together we must write, speak everywhere and publish on you tube to help protect President Obama from this merciless witch hunt so that he can keep our Democratic dreams alive.

Best regards
Eric Lafayette
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