By Eric Lafayette June 21st 2012

There is nothing more dangerous that full obedience to 100% of a Dogma. A Dogma is a set of values or rules that are set in stones. It is a synonym of ideology or doctrine but even more unalterable.

In the previous centuries in the western world Ideologies, Dogmas and Doctrines were responsible for millions of deaths. These Dogmas were Fascism, Nazism, Religious Extremism and Communism. Today in our century in the Western world Dogmas that beat the drums of hatred and achieved the deaths of the non-believers do not exist anymore with a few exceptions such as Sarah Palin Fox News consultant and her followers, Bill O Reilly Fox News anchorman and his followers, European Neo-Nazis who go on killing sprees (and) Right Wing religious believers who are terrorists among them Muslim extremists kill on a large scale. All are right-wing conservative leaders or executioners.
In our 21st century the Western world does not kill millions of people for following particular Dogmas. However, even in the western countries Dogmas are still prevalent, dangerous and very stupid.

In the western world since the turn of the century the most talked about and prevalent Dogma is in the economic field and in short it is, "Cut the taxes, and cut the expenses."
The right wing politicians believes in an Ideology that insists on cutting taxes and cutting expenses to restore a sound economy in a nation.

Remarkably this Dogma has already being proven absolutely wrong in every Nation where it has been applied in recent years. Of course it will not be difficult for you to guess which ideology continues to broadcast its constant desire to apply this Dogma and yes this failed Ideology is broadcasted by the conservatives parties all over the world. England applying the Conservative Dogma "Cut the taxes and cut the expenses" is a failure. With the same Dogma Ireland is a failure, Portugal is a failure, Greece is a disaster, and Spain is a disaster and so on. Only by applying in the short term the formula of "Increasing expenses and increasing taxes on the Rich" would nations with economic difficulties have been able to weather the storm.

In the USA the same Dogma proven wrong time and time again is the ideology preached by the Republican party with an even more stupid twist, "Cut the Taxes EVEN ON THE RICH people and Cut the expenses that help the poor people" the very expenses that keep the poor people from complete misery. When everybody knows that the rich people not only are very fee, 1% of the population, but in addition that they will not spend the money they will gain by spending more on goods and services. On the other hand any dollars given to the poor and the lower middle class will immediately be used to buy goods because they need these goods or services immediately.

In a fascinating way the Republican contenders for the Presidential election and election to the congress are running on the ideology that has been proven an absolute failure everywhere in the world, "Cut the taxes for the rich now and cut the expenses that help the poor and the middle class now."
Their Conservative ideology has been proven wrong again and again in every nation it was applied to around the world, but the Republicans continue to advocate a failed ideology. Republicans pride themselves on being very disciplined people and that means that they will apply this failed economic dogma until they ruin the USA.
The interesting fact is that almost 50% of the American people believe in this economic Ideology that has been proven a failure again and again.
This fact triggers a question, Are the Republican leaders and the Republicans that stupid? The answer is a resounding Yes.
By Eric Lafayette June 21st 2012
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Arab Countries are aiming at Democracy when the USA are aiming at Oligarchy.
Oligarchy is a form of dictatorship of the elite over the masses
Thursday November 17th 2011, Continuation from Tuesday 15th

After the removal of Occupy Wall street protesters from New York Freedom square by dictator-mayor Bloomberg you would think that he would let a peaceful march this Thursday on Wall street to take place but you would be wrong.
Again Dictator Mayor Bloomberg used all the tools of a dictator namely;
---First and above all the Blocking Freedom of Expression
---Preventing Free Press to access Wall street
--Using a police force well known for its Brutality the New York police force to arrest again countless of peaceful demonstrators.
Dictator-Mayor Bloomberg is smothering peaceful freedom of expression to protect an oligarchy: The richest 1% Americans.
The USA under President Bush the younger has shifted from a Democracy to an oligarchy were the very rich dictates the policy of the country and Obama who was to be the savior has shown to be an useless, spineless, inadequate president
At a time when the USA has praised and continues to praise and offer assistance to militants occupying squares in their fight for Democracy in the Middle East, elected officials in the USA are cracking down and beating US citizens occupying squares in their fight for Democracy.
It is more than an ultimate irony it is an ultimate disgrace. Under false pretexts of alleged unsanitary conditions caused by occupy protesters Mayor Bloomberg the quintessential dictator has used force to remove very peaceful US citizens who were using their sacred right of expression. He could have made a peaceful agreement, (provided portable toilets and helped clean and then allowed the protesters back.
In Arab countries such as Libya the USA used American forces against Dictator Kaddafi in favor of Democratic forces.
In the USA American forces are used to remove militants striving for Democracy to protect Mayor Bloomberg and his friends on Wall Street.
At least now the real personality of New York Mayor Bloomberg is coming to the surface. Mayor Bloomberg does not want to follow one of the first and most important Amendments to the US Constitution" Freedom of expression" which is Freedom of protest when protesters are peaceful."
How do we know that Mayor Bloomberg acts like a dictator? We know that because he sent the police force to arrest protesters in the dark of the night around 2AM. That is exactly what Tunisian Dictator Ben Ali and Egyptian Dictator Mubarak did. They sent their police forces in the dark of the night to forcefully evacuate their protesters. That is exactly what Mayor Bloomberg did to Peaceful American protesters. If we still have a doubt that mayor Bloomberg is a dictator after what happened this morning our doubts should be gone.
A JUDGE issued a restraining order AGAINST the Bloomberg New York police which Bloomberg completely ignored then he ordered police to forcefully remove Occupy Wall Street protesters after they reentered the Park following the restraining order which should have protected them and)their freedom of expression from an assault by the Police. If ignoring a restraining order against his own forces and in favor of freedom of expression is not the act of a dictator then what is?
Another very shocking legal issue is the GRAVE CONFLICT OF INTEREST between VERY WEALTHY Wall Street investor and stock owner Bloomberg who is a famous figure of Wall street and a member of the very rich 1% of Americans and HIS FUNCTION AS A MAYOR.
Even if he denies the conflict of interest his denial is not credible. Bloomberg a Wall Street hero who was at the core of the Wall Street world should not have a conflict of interest with Bloomberg the Mayor, but he has a huge one.
In addition he had a law passed removing the term limit for the office of Mayor of New York ( HIMSELF) so that he could be like other dictators around the world and present himself for continuing terms in the same fashion tyrants in dictatorships rule for decades.
We are very far from the ethical standards set by President George Washington. Although President Washington was authorized at this time by the law of the land to continue to be President a third term he declined to continue as President in order not to look like a dictator and to respect the spirit of Democracy.
The hearing on Tuesday 11/15/2011 decided that Bloomberg must not remove Occupy Wall street protesters from Freedom square as long as they did not camp at night.

Bloomberg has proven that under the false front of endorsing Democratic values he is a true dictator. In the country that gave birth to modern Democracy Dictator Mayor Bloomberg, one of the most famous Wall Street insiders, has demonstrated that his Wall Street persona tramples and smothers Democracy.
Eric Lafayette
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By Eric Lafayette, Los Angeles August 22nd 2011
Creating New Jobs.

It is a concept I have been harboring for a few years and this article :
why-amazon-cant-make-a-kindle-in by Steve Denning in Forbes on line magazine is giving me the oportunity to describe it. The concept is so simple that only Business managers with a very narrow mind could not think of it. Large industrial conglomerates in any of their high tech field of manufacturing should build when feasible a little sister pilot factory AKA the Smart Little Factory. Even smaller groups that are now on the brink of disaster such as Dell and Hewlet Packard would be in a better shape if they had implemented the concept of : " The Smart Little factory" As you already guessed it is very simple but it is more a state of mind or a principle than a blind cost cutting cave age management behavior. It is easier to describe it through an example: Your company is making computers and instead of shipping 100% of the production abroad for cost efficiency you keep 10% or 20% of the manufacturing in the USA, if you are making millions of computers the overall price per computer will not be affected in a noticeable fashion.

I never understood why this simple solution has not been implemented yet! It will please every kind of management. All big Companies have or had many factories. Solution: Each big company KEEPS ONE manufacturing plant in the USA: a small size plant that is versatile and will manufacture 10% of the total output of a specific product. Its work force all living and working in the USA will be the cream of the cream lead by an open minded management. In this fashion everybody is happy; the cost cutters who keep 90% of the production in low cost countries and the innovators have an excellent team of workers with innovative minds.

The most important thing is to keep innovation going in the USA through manufacturing because the manufacturing process with the workers and supervisors is linked so much to software development that separating them is neutering innovation. Recently there has been a glimmer of hope and it is described in the article shown by following this link: Today the achievements mentioned in the article such as poles of innovations in selected cities are obviously more a spark than a roaring fire but they show that there is a very successful ongoing process that can be replicated. However changing the mindset of 99% of large companies business managers is a tall order. Anyway we all know thanks ironically to an old Chines proverb publicized by the ante-Christ of capitalism: Mao Tse Tung that: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step" Although the examples in the article are not yet implementing my favorite solution they are going in the right direction and we will know we reached our goal of " America the Innovative again" when big companies will say" I am outsourcing most of my production to a manufacturing plant in Vietnam that will produce 1 million units a year but at the same time I am opening a plant in the USA with a capacity to manufacture 100 000 thousand units complete with a research center and a crack team of very motivated workers".

Think how great this important step will be and how many more jobs it will create.This mindset must become standard among American CEOs. Even if the company is not high-tech it could be implemented in many cases. More jobs in the USA implies less unemployment More jobs in the USA means less cost for the government in unemployment benefit! More innovation in the USA more success in the markets! Innovation can be like a flood, if enough pockets of innovation are created then the innovation mindset overflows the country! More revenue per companies mean US companies will be more successful! Federal government will be able to lower taxes on companies and still get more money! American conglomerates will be able again to say without lying that they are American companies! American conglomerate will be able to claim that they are socially responsible.

Government monetary incentive in innovation will again be very successful! It is important to understand that the President of the USA must be supporting innovation! If the tea party semiliterate candidates who are so much against innovation and live in the twelve century lead the nation as it is the case now it will be catastrophic! In order to be fair I must mention that companies like IBM and GE are trying to be socially responsible. In addition the fact that they are very successful guarantees jobs and I believe their success is due to their excellent CEO Samuel Palmisano for IBM and Jeff Immelt for GE, Andrew Liveris for Dow Chemical. Eric Lafayettepar