Trump is the ultimate Republican candidate who could be a dream come true for the Democratic Party whether the Democratic nominee is Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.
Choosing to be AWOL and being scared of appearing in the Fox debate shows us that he is not going to be the Republican candidate in the 2016 Presidential election).
Avoiding participation in the Fox debate on January 28th 2016 is extremely revealing and shows three crucial characteristics ?of Trump's personality and intellect.
First he is showing that he is not intelligent at all because to make an enemy of the Fox network, the power house of Republican media is plain stupid, and because he has too often disparaged ?the Fox network anchormen he has not only upset the Fox network managers but the entire Fox Network. He will not recover from this blunder.
Second he is showing that by insulting women repeatedly and specifically Fox journalist Megan Kelly he has antagonized a huge proportion of women in the USA .
Third he has shown that he is a coward and no candidate for President in the Republican party a very macho party can show that he is afraid of a woman
( correctioN 11/1/2016;nonetheless Donald Trump is going to be the US candidate for the Presidency)Let's live a dream in the next few sentences. Hilary being the most probable Democratic candidate against Trump will gain the support of some Republican women who may not overtly dare to vote for a Democrat because of their macho husbands but who could abstain from voting or slip a neutral ballot in the box.
Trump will have a mediocre coverage from the Fox Network the king of the Republican media, but Hilary who has for the last 10 years cottoned to the press will have the important advantage of a great coverage. Trump has made many racist innuendos in stark opposition with Hilary who in addition to her anti racist beliefs will benefit from her husband former President Bill Clinton's and President Obama's constant declarations and actions in favor of Blacks and Latinos. Trump will lose almost all the Black and Latino vote in the Presidential election.
My prediction is the following:
For the first time since Ronald Reagan the future President of the USA will win by a margin of votes superior to 5%.
Hilary will win if Trump is her opponent by 55% of the vote or even more.
What is the tremendous upside of such a victory? The crucial upside is that the Democrats would win back the House of Representatives and the Senate.
Trump would be a gift from a malicious supreme being to the Democrats. Alas it would take an unpredictable event for Trump to be nominated because I just demonstrated that Trump barring a miracle such as a rapid decline in the US economy or a major terrorist attack before the end of the primaries will not win the Republican nomination to be the candidate for the US Presidency.
eric Lafayette
January 28th 2016
I did not know and nobody knew the immense amount of extreme illegal activities by Vladimir Putin the Russian President to elect Donalt Trump as President of the USA. That is the reason my analysis is so erroneous. to updated February 22nd 2019-


Donald Trump one of the Republican candidates running for President has been leading in the National Polls by a huge margin among Republicans most likely to vote.
He trumpets huge lies and his Republicans supporters gobble them up with enthusiasm.
One example of these lies was his statement in 2015 that, "Unemployment is at 23%." when It was actually 5.7% and even if you add the under-employed you get 11.3% a far cry from 23%.
Another huge lie was his claim that the Obama government was going to accept 150,000 to 250,000 political refugees from Syria and neighboring countries when the USA said they will accept would only accept 10, 000 political refugees.
Trump also lied when he said that he watched on Television thousands and thousands of Muslims in New Jerseys cheering the fall of the World trade center on September 9/11, 2011. It was such a huge claims that it was checked by many members of the media and, they did not find any evidence that even 2 or 3 Muslims cheered in public. and This lie was checked too also checked by General John J. Farmer a Republican and the senior counsel to the 9/11 commission who said, " Never happened."
Yet another disgusting lie, Trump said he never called female adversaries " fat, pigs, slobs and disgusting," but he did.
In an attempt to boost his non-existent experience in foreign affairs Trump lied again when he said he got to know Putin "very well" while the two were on CBS 60 minutes, but in fact the two were interviewed separately thousands miles apart in two different countries.
There are dozens of other lies and a fact checker found that Trump lied at an astonishing rate of 76% of the time when citing with great aplomb what he calls" facts."

However what is fascinating or even more mesmerizing is that millions and millions or even dozens and dozens of millions of Americans are willing to vote for Donald Trump. Yes, more than 66 millions of Americans most likely to vote are willing to vote for Donald Trump the greatest American political liar in modern times.

You could think that it defies reason to see Millions of People with great enthusiasm gobbling Trump absolute gigantic lies but there is a perfectly logical explanation: From Ronald Reagan to Sarah Palin and today's candidates there has been a constant push to cut funding for education in the United States. In fact President Reagan actually wanted to eliminate the Department of Education. It seems logical from the point of view of Republicans leaders to educate Americans as little as legally possible because the less Americans are educated the less they are informed the less they will be able to understand facts and discourses making them more likely to gobble up and believe one incredible lie after another Let's not forget one of the Princes of the Republican dynasty of liars, Richard Nixon.
Cutting fund or not increasing fund enough for education was a must to keep American citizens as ignorant as possible and in the process make them willing and happy to accept so many absurdities and lies. Two short examples: "There is no climate change" when the quasi totality -195- nations on earth signed an accord to stop and reverse global warming in order to protect the planet from the consequences of climate change. The other is "President Obama is a Muslim". There is not one ounce of proof that President Obama is a Muslim on the contrary he was always a Christian and after his mother died when he was young he was raised by his very Christian grandparents.
But to turn voters into beings gullible enough to swallow absurdities, you also have to prep Republicans and train them every day so that they will become apt and adept at swallowing bigger and bigger lies, It is the remarkable job of the right wing media with the tabloid minded powerful Rupert Murdoch and his Fox empire. Republicans have been very successfully conditioned days after days by the right wing media to swallow huge lies.
Despite the fact that many Republican voters are gobbling lies and absurdities every day I am not throwing stones at them because they have been conditioned by decades and decades of lies from their leaders into reacting with the Pavlovian reflexes.
The Republican leaders and the Right wing media have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. The huge crowd of more than 66 millions of Americans has swallowed dozens and dozens of enormous lies in 2015. They have been very well trained at swallowing gigantic lies without the slightest discomfort but on the contrary with ecstatic enthusiasm.
This outstanding achievement has reached its pinnacle with the rise of Donald Trump the greatest political Liar since political speeches were recorded on radio and TV and the largest gullible right wing crowd of the same era. It is a very successful match many years in the making and Trump is reaping up the rewards, glory and the power as the leader of the Republican candidates running for President. Among the Republicans candidates he has around 40% of national votes and none of the other Republican candidates are even close.
The really funny part is that the actual Republicans leaders in power dislike Trump and do not want him as a leading candidate in the race for the Presidency but they built his throne and prepped the crowd for him. Now they are getting a taste of their own medicine and they hate it. The lesson is, never unleash the power of constant lying; it will come to haunt you one day.
The Trump and his constant lying and disinformation has revealed but not created the Republicans constant politic of minimizing education for Americans as a means to control and influence voters. More importantly Trump has allowed us to be certain that the crowd dumbed down by the Republicans during the last decades has fallen into a world were sound judgement has evaporated. Good education does not just provide information. It prepares people to understand and evaluate the information presented to them.
Eric Lafayette January 25th 20116


Oh! Elizabeth Warren do not be a Fool.

Elizabeth Warren, please make sure that you will not regret for the rest of your life avoiding entering the 2016 Presidential race. To not take up the Democratic cause in the face of Hilary Clinton's failures would be stupid and cowardly. I know that Eleanor Roosevelt said, "There is a special hell for women who do not help other women,"
but she was a very intelligent woman and would not have supported such a losing cause like Hilary's.
When all the planets are aligned for a candidate, and now all the planets are aligned for you being elected, not entering the race is foolish and childish behavior. American people with functioning brains and that is the vast majority of Americans minus the racist, unintelligent Americans supporting: Trump, Bachman and Palin are more than ready to support you. Thanks to your candidacy they will regain an enthusiasm to vote for a candidate that is inspiring, aka YOU versus Clinton, electable aka YOU versus Sanders ( a great guy by the way) or smart, aka YOU versus the rest of the field.
Most important, your candidacy is not just about you. It is about Women, African Americans, Latinos. It is also about electing a Democratic Congress and I guarantee you that if you enter the race for the Presidential election we Democrats will have the majority in both chambers.
Please listen to me I am a Mensa member and lived on three continents. My vision of the state of the Presidential campaign is flawless. If you do not enter the Presidential campaign you are a fool of gigantic proportion because the GOP candidates are clowns or idiots. My website is
My English is not great because my native language is French. I lived for 20 years in Morocco, 20 years in France and 20 years in the USA. The USA is my country and I adore it. I see events from many unique perspectives. If you go for the Presidency, contact me and I will make sure that in addition ?to being elected President you will have a Democratic Majority in Congress.?
It is our duty as Democrats to present a great candidate for the US presidency. It is your duty as an inspirational candidate to enter the race for the presidency of the USA.
Remember there will never be in the future such a herd of GOP idiots as candidates and Hilary is beyond toasted she is completely burnt.
It is now or never for a woman AKA Elizabeth Warren to be elected.

Eric Lafayette, September 18th 2015





By Eric Lafayette November 5th 2014 Los Angeles

Why do we wait for leaders to show that they are absolute failures before deciding to replace them?

The perfect storm that shows the abysmal failures of the Democratic Party is made up of more than one element.

First and above all, the main responsible for the abysmal record of the Democratic Party is the leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. Her leadership has been ineffective and unintelligent and has not done anything to strengthen the USA in the last 10 years.
The fact that she did not impeach President George Bush the younger 10 years ago for lying to the American people into sending the USA fight the Iraqi war was a catastrophic mistake. The impeachment of George Bush the younger would have cemented his record as one of the most incompetent Presidents in American history, and it would also have shed light on the criminal behavior of Republican leaders who lied in unison with their President and led the USA into this disastrous war. Representative Pelosi's catastrophic mistake continues to allow Republicans leaders today to be the incarnation of virtue and good governance when they are retrograde, unintelligent, dishonest and foolish in their policies.
Nancy Pelosi seems to never ever see the right path to follow. Today and for the last 4 years she should have led and worked in concert with her fellow Democratic members of Congress and used the example of President Bush's catastrophic decisions and actions and compared them to President Obama's wiser and more responsible decisions to let the American people know they can be proud of their current President.

The main obvious mistake of Democratic leaders is that they very rarely compare the horrible state President Bush drove the USA after he had inherited a thriving economy from President Clinton to the remarkable recovery initiated by President Obama during his administration. President Obama and the Democrats took the USA from the abyss of a recession into the best economy among Western countries in 2014. By itself this remarkable achievement should have made President Obama a Rock Star. President Obama had other achievements as well including the impressive and important first step into general health care coverage in the USA. However the Democratic leaders chose out of cowardice to bow to the bullying and the propaganda of the conservative leaders of the Republican Party and the criminal media leaders of the Fox empire.

I began to feel that President Obama was really wrong as early as when he became president the first time in 2008 because after been elected he never analyzed and criticized the catastrophic situation that was destroying the USA when he became President. After his election he almost never blamed President Bush and the Republicans on each and everyone of the catastrophic mistakes they made together. President Bush made more that one hundred mistakes, but President Obama played the gentleman and almost never criticized the former President, never criticized the very disgusting master of the administration Vice President Cheney and the incapable leaders of the Republican party. Let me remind you that President Bush among other lies and mistakes: made fraudulent claims to send Americans in harms ways in Iraq, was a staunch supporter of pollution and pushed the attribution of millions of loans to buy houses without enough regulations. In short among his more than one hundred disastrous decisions he created two cancers gnawing at America's flanks by losing the war in Iraq which triggered the loss of the war in Afghanistan and then by helping create the greatest economic recession since the great depression of 1929 sending millions of Americans into poverty. President Obama never called President Bush and the Republicans on any of their catastrophic decisions allowing Republicans to redesign themselves as intelligent and efficient leaders which is an absolute absurdity.
In addition President Obama went from being a charismatic, dynamic leader to being an absent, withdrawn leader. Instead of building a team of allies that would include the leader of the House of Representatives and the leader of the Senate, he did nothing. Because the President has a lot of sway he could have channeled a positive discourse reflecting the achievements of the Democratic Party to the American people through the leaders of the Congress if he had used his weight to have new Democratic leaders in the Congress appointed.
What we have instead are Congressmen and Congresswomen incapable of fighting the right wing bullies and incapable of even promoting the truth which is: "We the Democrats thanks to President Obama's actions improved the situation in the USA ten times more than the Republicans did in the last Bush era."

In short very mediocre, passive Democratic leaders let the Republicans paint them as incompetent and irresponsible in the eyes of voters when in reality it is the Republicans that were and are incompetent and irresponsible.They never ever stopped pointing their fingers at President Obama and the Democrats and accusing them of hundreds of vices and crimes they never committed.

In fact because of their cowardice Democrats accepted to be bullied by Republicans who used lie after lie and spent much time and effort with the great help of the Fox network in describing President Obama and the Democrats as obstacles to the development of the USA. The Republicans suggested the Democrats should be removed and because Republican leaders had lied relentlessly for the last 10 years every single day to the Americans and the Democrats never fought back significantly the voters believed them. In letting themselves being bullied Democrats let Republican leaders define them as incompetent losers. They are losers in the 2014 elections, but they were not incompetent. Tragically, American voters believed the nasty fairy tale written by the Republican Party and broadcasted by the Fox network managed by two criminals, Murdoch father and son.

If you do not precisely tell the people the truth and keep repeating who is actually at fault about a rotten situation the voters will continue to trust the leaders who have continuously lied to them for the last 6 years because these lies are fairy tales who make very ignorant people feel good and there is no better demonstration that the poll which demonstrated that Fox viewers are less informed that people who do not watch television

It is mind boggling that Nancy Pelosi is still in power. The problem is of course that in the House of Representatives the Democrats elect their leader not because of their merit but because of how long they have served in the House so the next Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives could be another disaster.

The Democrats have no interesting leaders
The Democrats need much stronger leaders.

How can a party survive without leaders.
The absolute essential task the Democratic party has to do is to select leaders based on their leadership skills.

What about Howard Dean?






My dear fellow Democrats
It is not often that the good guys AKA we the Democrats beat the evil guys AKA the Republicans, but we did it. Let' s enjoy this well deserved VICTORY.
All segments of the American society with the exception of the one percent would have been hurt by Mitt Romney's Voodoo economics. Now we can breath a sight of relief.

The campaign did not last One year but Four years. Make no mistake the campaign was about racism. The Republicans could not accept that a BLACK President could be successful and they did everything they could do using racism again and again to destroy President Obama including trying to deny that Obama was an American by asking for his long form Birth certificate and labeling him as a Muslim; all these labels in fact are substitutes for: " You are black, you are not like us the White Republicans. Fortunately President Obama is very resilient. Mitch McConnell the Republican leader of the House stated a few years ago, "My main task is to prevent President Obama to win a second term." Mitch McConnell has with great consistence refused to denounce the racist comments made by the leaders of his party.
Sarah Palin constantly fanned the bonfires of Racism.

The bottom line is that Republicans are traitors to their country because they put their racism which fueled their desire to get rid of a good President above the good of America. They blocked all of President Obama 's constructive initiatives. These initiatives would have diminished unemployment and reduced the debt but NO they had to destroy President Obama a black president at the expenses of the welfare of the United States of America.

Fortunately African Americans responded with intelligence and efficiency and went to vote in droves helping reelect President Obama. Congratulations to the African American voters and organizers

Good news for the women too: Senator Elizabeth Warren defeated her Republican opponent and returned the Senator seat in Massachusetts to the Democratic party a seat made famous by the Kennedy family.
Claire McCaskill defeated Todd Akin a supporter of " legitimate rape", a nauseating man was defeated
Richard Mourdock was a disgusting man who thinks that women should be denied the right to an abortion even after been raped. He was beaten by Joe Donnely a Democrat.
A majority of Women voted for Barack Obama which shows that Republicans can no longer treat women as sub-serviant sidekicks and that the flag of pride is rising high for women in the USA.
Let's not forget other positives aspects of the Democrats vote: Young people who represent the future of the USA voted massively, the Latinos are feeling more and more confident in the power of the American Democracy and they voted in large numbers
Let's not forget all Democrats who believe in a generous, intelligent melting pot we call America and that we love tremendously. We are justly horrified by the Republican philosophy : "The end justify any dirty means" and the Republicans used plenty including outrageous lies, biased redistricting and disenfranchising of voters.
To us the Democrats Congratulations are in order. America is a better country thanks to you.
I am happy to be among the good guys who won, aren't you?

Don't let your guard down The Republican leader Mitch McConnell has already fired a salvo of nauseating lies against President Obama. Stay alert and demand from your representatives, Senators and the President guts and backbone.
Eric Lafayette, November 7th 2012
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Following the Declaration of Independence you will find below the essential TEN steps on which the United States of America was built as nation founded on the principle of Democracy. It was a momentous time in the History of the world as many nations will be inspired to become a Democracy by following the American Principle described in the declaration of independence and the American Constitution.

This sentence from the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence is one of the most intelligent ever written:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. - That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
The Declaration of Independence was a collaborative work of the delegates of the thirteen colonies. Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft and most of his elegant writing remains but John Adams and Benjamin Franklin made suggestions and many delegates introduced ideas that were incorporated or asked that some sentences be removed.
After the defeat at Yorktown of the British army by the American Army led by General Washington with the help of the French Army led by Rochambeau and Lafayette on October 19, 1781 England recognized the United States of America as a FREE and Independent nation at the treaty of Paris.

Below is one of the important sentences of the Preamble that describes the main goals of the Constitution.
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
It includes among others theses Fundamental Rights:
Freedom of Speech, Separation of Church and State, Due Process of Law, Right to a Speedy and Public Trial.

Alexander Hamilton is the father of the Power and of the Prosperity of the United States of America
Alexander Hamilton was horrified by the inability of the very young USA to raise money to finance its fight for survival. When he was Secretary of Treasury in 1789, 1790 and 1791, he created three instruments that made the USA a gigantic economic powerhouse. Without Alexander Hamilton the USA would have been a nation with a disastrous economic situation:
Against fierce opposition Alexander Hamilton created:
1)The first tax system that could generate steady revenue to financially support the needs of the new government.
2)The first program to buy back all individual I OWE YOU bonds the American soldiers fighting the revolutionary war had received and the first program to buy back all debts incurred by the individual States during the Revolutionary War. The buyback program and the consolidation of the debts into one large debt guaranteed by the USA made the credit of the USA good in the eyes of the entire world.
3)The First central bank that could regulate the flow of money and issue new money. Today it is called the Federal bank or the Fed
The combination of Alexander Hamilton's three programs helped make the USA the greatest economy that ever existed.
The Civil War (1861-1865) was about the emancipation of slaves and the Abolition of Slavery. Abraham Lincoln is without any doubt one of the most important founding fathers as he completely changed the moral and social fabric of the United States of America. After the passage of the 13th Amendment on December 6, 1865 any man living in the USA regardless of the color of his skin could expect and claim the right to equal treatment. Women had to wait until the 19th Amendment adopted on August 26, 1920 to expect equal rights.

MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR (January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968)
Although it was Rosa Parks who ignited the spark of the quest for civil rights for the black community, Martin Luther King, Jr. was the first person who dedicated most of his life to free Black American from a disguised form of slavery called the Black Codes and the Jim Crow laws. These codes were laws enacted to reinstate a different kind of slavery and distinction of rights based on skin color. These laws enacted from the 1860 onward created a lower class of people who had less rights than white citizens. By far this was one of the most shameful periods in American History, a time when Black Americans were kept separate and supposedly equal but ended up in third rate facilities. They were not only terrorized by white mobs but also targeted shot, hung, by the Ku Klux Klan, and beaten by police. Martin Luther King (was very instrumental in reshaping the moral and social fabric of the USA. Famous for his I have a dream speech: , he received the Nobel Peace Prize and was assassinated in 1968.par par LYNDON JOHNSON PASSING THE ANTI RACISM CIVIL RIGHTS PRESIDENT OF THE USA (1963-1969) Following in the steps of John Kennedy who advocated and pushed for the end of segregation and voting discrimination President Lyndon Johnson took up this enormous challenge and under his constant personal pressure Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This two pieces of legislation finally granted Black Americans the full rights as American citizens.par par WOMEN EQUAL RIGHTS Women had to wait until the 19th Amendment adopted on August 26, 1920 to expect equal rights. It had been a long struggle illuminated by strong personality such as Ida Wells who not only was fighting for women's rights but as a black woman was fighting for civil rights for black citizens. The women who demonstrated and were often wounded by male opponents were fighting for the right of women to vote and were nicknamed : "Suffragettes"par par WORLD WAR II In a sense World War II and the absolute victory of the USA against criminal dictatorship is a culminating point in American Democracy: The USA became the mighty savior who not only restored Freedom for many oppressed people but in addition restored the moral values of Democracy throughout most of the world. This incomparable exploit finds its origin in the USA when a group of wise individuals could not accept the injustice of being governed against their will.par par In Conclusion: The American Democracy has shown time and time again its value by evolving into a society where in theory but not yet fully in practice all citizens are equal and also by rescuing many people from oppression by dictators.par However Democracy needs constant attention and nurturing. Our founding fathers ( and you I hope) would be revolted by the Supreme court decision that Companies are citizens or that a group of people under the umbrella of a company can buy so much advertisement that they in fact can buy the election, It is so dishonest that it recreated the system of Kingdom and dictators where the most powerful in our case the entities with a lot of money can dictate which laws and governments can be imposed on the defenseless citizen of the USA.par In addition George Bush Junior established an religious office of Faith in the White House a direct insult to the First amendment.par My dear Democrats let's be vigilant and let's fight for the greatest Democracy in the world.par Meetup group: By Eric Lafayette July 4, 2012 par Main website: par ------------------

Arab Countries are aiming at Democracy when the USA are aiming at Oligarchy.
Oligarchy is a form of dictatorship of the elite over the masses
Thursday November 17th 2011, Continuation from Tuesday 15th

After the removal of Occupy Wall street protesters from New York Freedom square by dictator-mayor Bloomberg you would think that he would let a peaceful march this Thursday on Wall street to take place but you would be wrong.
Again Dictator Mayor Bloomberg used all the tools of a dictator namely;
---First and above all the Blocking Freedom of Expression
---Preventing Free Press to access Wall street
--Using a police force well known for its Brutality the New York police force to arrest again countless of peaceful demonstrators.
Dictator-Mayor Bloomberg is smothering peaceful freedom of expression to protect an oligarchy: The richest 1% Americans.
The USA under President Bush the younger has shifted from a Democracy to an oligarchy were the very rich dictates the policy of the country and Obama who was to be the savior has shown to be an useless, spineless, inadequate president
At a time when the USA has praised and continues to praise and offer assistance to militants occupying squares in their fight for Democracy in the Middle East, elected officials in the USA are cracking down and beating US citizens occupying squares in their fight for Democracy.
It is more than an ultimate irony it is an ultimate disgrace. Under false pretexts of alleged unsanitary conditions caused by occupy protesters Mayor Bloomberg the quintessential dictator has used force to remove very peaceful US citizens who were using their sacred right of expression. He could have made a peaceful agreement, (provided portable toilets and helped clean and then allowed the protesters back.
In Arab countries such as Libya the USA used American forces against Dictator Kaddafi in favor of Democratic forces.
In the USA American forces are used to remove militants striving for Democracy to protect Mayor Bloomberg and his friends on Wall Street.
At least now the real personality of New York Mayor Bloomberg is coming to the surface. Mayor Bloomberg does not want to follow one of the first and most important Amendments to the US Constitution" Freedom of expression" which is Freedom of protest when protesters are peaceful."
How do we know that Mayor Bloomberg acts like a dictator? We know that because he sent the police force to arrest protesters in the dark of the night around 2AM. That is exactly what Tunisian Dictator Ben Ali and Egyptian Dictator Mubarak did. They sent their police forces in the dark of the night to forcefully evacuate their protesters. That is exactly what Mayor Bloomberg did to Peaceful American protesters. If we still have a doubt that mayor Bloomberg is a dictator after what happened this morning our doubts should be gone.
A JUDGE issued a restraining order AGAINST the Bloomberg New York police which Bloomberg completely ignored then he ordered police to forcefully remove Occupy Wall Street protesters after they reentered the Park following the restraining order which should have protected them and)their freedom of expression from an assault by the Police. If ignoring a restraining order against his own forces and in favor of freedom of expression is not the act of a dictator then what is?
Another very shocking legal issue is the GRAVE CONFLICT OF INTEREST between VERY WEALTHY Wall Street investor and stock owner Bloomberg who is a famous figure of Wall street and a member of the very rich 1% of Americans and HIS FUNCTION AS A MAYOR.
Even if he denies the conflict of interest his denial is not credible. Bloomberg a Wall Street hero who was at the core of the Wall Street world should not have a conflict of interest with Bloomberg the Mayor, but he has a huge one.
In addition he had a law passed removing the term limit for the office of Mayor of New York ( HIMSELF) so that he could be like other dictators around the world and present himself for continuing terms in the same fashion tyrants in dictatorships rule for decades.
We are very far from the ethical standards set by President George Washington. Although President Washington was authorized at this time by the law of the land to continue to be President a third term he declined to continue as President in order not to look like a dictator and to respect the spirit of Democracy.
The hearing on Tuesday 11/15/2011 decided that Bloomberg must not remove Occupy Wall street protesters from Freedom square as long as they did not camp at night.

Bloomberg has proven that under the false front of endorsing Democratic values he is a true dictator. In the country that gave birth to modern Democracy Dictator Mayor Bloomberg, one of the most famous Wall Street insiders, has demonstrated that his Wall Street persona tramples and smothers Democracy.
Eric Lafayette