September 2, 1998


1. I shall never forget that, I the People, I am the government of my country.

2. The Senators and House Members which form the Congress are my representatives, I elected them to represent me, but not to pursue their own agenda or an agenda their party imposed on them. I elected them to be my faithful servants, and I shall closely monitor the quality of tasks they are doing for me, their boss.

3. I shall remind them by writing to them or calling them that I am approving or disapproving of the way they represent me on matters that are important to me.

4. I shall read and understand the Constitution of the United States including the Bill of Rights and I shall teach and explain to my family and children the wealth and beauty of this constitution and of Democracy.

5. I shall vote. Moreover I shall put voting as one of my top priorities in life. If I vote I am the boss of my government; I help lead the country towards the direction I think beneficial for me and my country. If I don't vote I am of no help to my country.
Moreover, I am a parasite waiting for the other citizens to do the work to shape the country so that I can enjoy a democracy, without ever adding my contribution to the process.







September 30, 1998



              What is the opinion of the American people about their President, Bill Clinton's problemas an example? What do they think?

           In a democracy the first concern of the House of Representatives and the Senate is to try absolutely to understand, seek and learn what are the feelings and thoughts of the American citizens. You could think it is a difficult process but it's actually a very easy process, it is called polls.
And althoughmost politician dismisse the polls, it is the opinions and the wishes of the American people that are represented by the polls.

What are the polls or what is a poll? We have to define that very quickly.

            Well, as now everybody knows, the poll is the reflection of the opinion and feelings of the American citizen. Companies specialized in this research call all over the country, a certain number of people, ranging from 1000 to 10,000 and ask them a few questions about their opinion and the people answer, it is a sample of the opinion of the American people. This system has been in place for a long time already and it is well organized, relatively independent and the American citizens are chosen at random.

            If you're a cautious politician, you might decide to wait until three or four polls on the same subject are published because this process will involve different companies doing this poll, different samples of American citizens, then you are certain that you have a good picture of the ideas and feelings of the American citizens.

            So, what did or do the polls tell us on the subject of the American President, Bill Clinton ? They reflected the opinions of the American people, the American citizen, what is the opinion of the American citizen?

            It is very simple, they, in a large majority around 66 to 68%, which is a very large majority in a democracy, on a subject that has been shown in great detail, with some unpleasant details, they are truly, absolutely, in favor of President Clinton. They like President Clinton, they like the job he is doing, they admire him and they don't want him to be impeached and polls show too that they disapprove of the Republican Party ambushing the President. So that is the voice of America. Their representatives, the people who are suppose to serve them are sneering at polls and insulting the common sense and intelligence of American people. They dismissed the poll, they simply did not want to face the truth.They did not want to listen to the American people, instead they wanted to favored their own agenda in opposition to the opinion of the American people The truth is, the American people wanted in their Democratic majority to keep Bill Clinton as a president because they admired the job he was doing. So, in Congress, Bill Clinton's opponent, the Republican Party is rising to a level of bad faith that is not achieved often in this country, the last sample was the MacCarthy era. The leaders of the Republican Party simply denied, sneer at, and were full of contempt for the American peoples desires, wishes, feelings and ideas, even though they have been elected to serve and represent the American people.

             It is an enormous distortion of democracy, because they are betraying the spirit of their office, which is to serve the American people, and the American people with their common sense and intelligence and education understand that very well.







               If we consider the American middle class as the most important segment of the American society, as much as 70% at some periods, we should consider that it's the people from the middle class who shaped the United States of America. The American society today is mainly composed of three segments:

The rich and powerful, not very important in numbers but owning a good part of the American wealth.

The middle class, which in the United States has a broad definition and includes everybody that is not very rich or very poor and for example; ranges from blue collar workers with a decent hourly wage to a doctor or dentist in general practice.

The poor, which in 1998 are still counted by the millions in the United States.

                 On the surface, the today middle class seems to be successful, many people own their house, buy new expensive cars, have all the latest home equipment like TV's, stereos and computers. However, a rotten behavior is taking place all over the country: I want to speak about the pathetic forms of education kids are getting today. Of course, everybody understands that today's kids are tomorrow's adults, voters, workers, senators, etc.

                 Due to multiple factors; such as two parents working, easy money, dumb TV programs, parents who are the offspring's of the baby-boomers and, as a whole, never experienced real hardship, poor quality schools, lack of well trained teachers, poor parental training, and so on, none of these elements being good incentives to become a successful individual, a decent human being and a responsible citizen, USA  future as a strong democracy is bleak.                      If for a moment we look back at the middle class when the United States were founded, the incentives to become a successful individual, a decent human being and a responsible citizen were tremendous. During the last two centuries there was always a cause to outdo oneself; the conquest of independence, the opening of new territories to reach a new frontier, the Civil War, the Women's Right to Vote, the poor immigrants desire to see themselves and their son's and daughter's succeed, the two World Wars against Nazi's evil and for freedom and democracy. The drive to get rid of the Great Depression. All these gigantic incentives have disappeared and the last survivors of World War II are the remnants of the last breed who faced the last important challenge that confronted the United States of America.(Not like the Korean war or the Vietnam war which despite the remarkable behavior of the American soldiers,were lacking the support of the nation).

The baby-boomers and their sons and daughters do not have any challenge of national scope to overcome or any worthy and ethical cause to fight for, any extremely harsh environment to overcome, their main challenge is to find a better credit to buy a four wheel sport utility vehicle or the best sale bargain, to buy the latest CD player. These kinds of incentive do not build a courageous and ethical nation.

In the meantime it seems that the last real striking words about democracy were delivered by the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy; "Do not ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."








August 3, 1998

          Is the President of the United States facing the law treated as any other citizen?

During the Lewinsky case there were concerns that the President of the United States would not be treated as any other citizen because of the power of the office he holds. Most people thought that he should not receive any favorable treatment facing the courts because he is the president of the United States.

         Indeed, with a prosecutor like Kenneth Starr, who does not exercise any common sense or any sense of perspective, President Clinton has been pursued with a vengeance by Kenneth Starr as if he was a dangerous drug dealer or serial killer. It is interesting to understand that the system of independent counsel and the grand jury is anti-constitutional in the sense that it does not respect the spirit of the constitution.

           In fact, the independent counsel has so much power that it influences his grand jury, which he guides step by step and so much so without any counter argument from the defendant's lawyers. He can also more than debrief the defendant on a face to face encounter, he can pressure her or him and  pressure them into lying which he had tried to do with Susan Mac Dougall, Web Hubble, and succeeded with John Mac Dougall, it is why the members of the grand jury are Kenneth Starr's henchmen. Kenneth Starr in collecting the evidence is a prosecutor, being able to influence so much without a counter power, the members of the grand jury that he becomes a judge who is the decision maker. A popular saying says it all; The prosecutor of the Grand Jury is so powerful that he can prosecute and have even the most insignificant thing indicted; even a ham sandwich.

            So, we have a situation that the Father Founders of the United States of America had hoped to overcome. They wanted so bad to avoid exactly what was the case in the kingdoms and tyrannies where the Kings prosecutor was over-powerful and trials were a masquerade. This very behavior of an over-powerful King's administration member is exactly why the American people revolted against the English King and founded the United States of America. Thanks to Kenneth Starr we have the same situation again, 200 years after the establishment of the United States as a democracy.

           Thanks to Kenneth Starr's obtuse and narrow mind, who's lack of perspective showed all the dangers of the independent counsel system, we will see without any doubt lawmakers changing the system. Unfortunately, President Clinton and the United States of America will pay the price for the combination of a very obtuse independent counsel and of an anti-constitutional system.

          What's more, an average citizen will not have been prosecuted as harshly as President Clinton was. There is almost no example of a case where a prosecutor prosecuting on such a private matter as sexual relations prosecuted a defendant to the full extent of the law, specifically in the case of a person denying having consensual sex with another person (no other crime or felony or misdemeanor being part of the case prior to the prosecution). It is a proof that Kenneth Starr does not give President Clinton a fair treatment.

            On another level, President Clinton does not have as many choices as an average citizen. Due to political pressure he can not invoke the Fifth Amendment and legally refuse to testify. So, we have a situation where the damages to the only strong but benevolent democracy in the world are going to be devastating.

            It is excessively important to remind the citizens of the United States that the trade-off that they experience by living in a democracy is that on one hand they can express their opinion and decide how they want to be governed and who should govern them, on the other hand the system has a weakness that no tyranny has: It is that the President of the United States facing all the dictators in the world is a very weak man, if its own peers; senators, congressmen instead of supporting him as the people of the United States are doing, try by supporting a completely out of check independent counsel, to destroy the office of the President of the United States and their own country. It is a very dangerous situation, full of consequences for the future.

              It is of no small importance to look into history and to research what was the course of the downfall of the previous democracy. Ancient Greece was the first democracy and attained especially with Athens the large city state a remarkable level in politic, military, artistic business and influenced the whole western world. Its achievements felt today more than 2,000 years after its disappearance. The reasons of the downfall are very simple; Greece was at its time in comparison as real and powerful as the United States of America. Factions began to fight each other, the unity was lost. Inside Athens, quarrels began to arise all over Greece. Unity was lost.

             A Greek King Phillippe of Macedonia seized the opportunity and conquered all democratic Greece replacing it by a kingdom which his son, Alexander the Great expanded over half of the civilized world. None-the-less, the structure of democracy which is not the government of one exceptional man but the government of the people, by the people, was lost. After Alexander the Great domination, in a relatively short period Greece was conquered by the Romans and never became again a nation of some importance.

            As a very rich and powerful nation the United States of America and its citizens seem to accept that mud slinging in an attempt to destroy the presidency of the United State of America is an acceptable sport and good television entertainment, but it is the very first sign of a downfall even if it is not so obvious today.





August 8, 1998


                   To make things clear we are not going to talk about money. We are going to underline how poor in men and leaders of quality, the Republican Party is, which also induced a lack of ideas and what are the consequences for democracy and for the United States of America. First; how do you assess that there is a lack of quality men and leaders in a party? You look for the signs, and the signs are the following. Look for pettiness, small mind, cheapness, revengefulness, unethical behavior, and mud slinging.

                   We have seen all of these behaviors or some of these behaviors characterizing the leaders of the Republican Party. Chairman of the House of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Orin, Mr. Trentlok, Mr. Newt Gingrich, and almost each and every important person in the Republican Party.

                   But let's focus on mud slinging and revengefulness. There is no other explanation that the older Senators and Assemblymen wanting to avenge President Nixon's Watergate, when he had to resign to avoid impeachment after his criminal activities became public. I am talking about President Nixon sending agents in a covert operation, to wire the Democratic Headquarters and covering up other black operations, that is criminal behavior of significant magnitude. We are not talking about Clinton's sexual behavior, his private life.

One of the consequences of petty men is that they don't have grand ideas for the country. The consequence is that they can only come up with dirty mud slinging, which actually reveals their lack of quality as men.


A working DEMOCRACY  absolutely needs two party, preferably balanced, with men of Ideas on both sides. It is vital for Democracy today in the USA that men of better quality replaces the ones actually in power in the Republican party.






June 23, 1998

                   Almost everybody living in today's world especially in the United States is unaware that the world, and especially what is called the western world could be very different today. It could be composed mostly of nations or empires that could be absolute tyrannies.

                    Just mentioning in passing some of the remaining totalitarian communist state that are still existing today, Cuba and North Korea. A major country which is still a totalitarian state is China with it's atrocities in Tien Amen Square and against Tibet, to name just a few. There is absolutely no democracy in China but there is some feeble hopes that they are going in the direction of opening to democratic ideas.

Very recently, no longer than ten years ago, hundreds of millions of people were living in a huge prison camp with walls and barbed wire around it to prevent the inmates to fulfill there dearest wish to evade these tyrannical regimes and live free. This empire was called the USSR and it's satellite nations, East Germany, Hungry, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia , Romania, Poland and so on. (It is the United States constant action for democracy that brought down this empire).

                     But if the American nation can claim another very important tribute to democracy it is in the defeat of  Hitler's Nazi, regime the Third Reich. Without American help there is no doubt that countries like France, Spain, Italy, and England would be even today part of   a totalitarian empire.,  can we think how sad and unsecured it could be for Americans and young Americans to be surrounded on the planet by totally non-democratic aggressive empire such as the Nazi, Third Reich in western Europe, the communist USSR in eastern Europe and the communist Chinese empire in Asia and the Japan fascist in eastern Asia.

                    Although these totalitarian empires will not probably today be exactly the same as they were shaping up in the 1940's. (Some of these empires would have probably taken over part of the other empires) the result could be the same. Today we could be living on a planet dominated by  totalitarian empires with only one democracy, the USA or even without any.

                  Without American soldiers giving their lives in the last World War we would have had a very isolated democracy; the United States isolated among a combination of empires I cited before. That should lead people to think twice before they trample the ideals and the leaders of democracy. There is only one idea and philosophy that did not deceive its believers, it is Democracy. All the other forms of government, with their totalitarian philosophies led to gigantic bloodshed.







                  The concept of democracy which is a form of government, government of the people, by the people is so rich that it could bring an enormous wealth that is not clearly understood by 99% of the people. The general advantages of democracy are very well known but their implications are not. The general advantages are freedom of speech, fair treatment of everybody facing the law. Their ideas and the way they want to be governed is their own if democracy is well applied, if the concept of democracy is correctly applied in a government then the consequences are the following:

                 The most important is the ability, the possibility for an individual to develop his own personality to the fullest extent of his talent. If democracy is fully applied there should be no barrier, no fear to try to become the better person he or she could and the consequences are an enormous wealth for the country, all its citizens achieving a high level of knowledge,freedom and development, instead of a few aristocrats achieving a high level of freedom and knowledge.

                 Hundreds of millions of people will achieve a high level of freedom and knowledge thus, making this nation the most powerful intellectually, economically country in the world. As well as an extremely high level of health due to a high level in medicine and this will generate top athletes that will be champions in almost every discipline in sports.

                 It's now interesting to go into some examples of what can prevent an individual to develop his potential to the fullest extent. We will try to use a well known example. What is the most powerful force that prevents somebody to develop himself? It is fear.

                  For example; during the McCarthy years, an era which was in the years when Eisenhower was president and the senator McCarthy launched a witch hunt against communism.

                 Communism - at the time the witch hunt began after the war or during the second phase of the war their was a small force inside the USA but a genuine concern for the American people because of all the powerful communist countries like Russia and China through threats and outside menaces for the USA. Anybody that had said something that was a little bit liberal was stamped as a communist. You could not't speak of liberal ideas so the freedom of speech was completely destroyed and that should not't have happened because it is the basis, one of the basis' of the American Democracy.

Let's assume you are a writer( not in politics) and you want to write about Greece, ancient Greece, they had very liberal ideas you would have to censure yourself, correct yourself, put the lid on your ideas, even writing about something that happened thousands years ago. If you did not't want to be accused by the McCarthy inquiry, you could not tell the truth about Greece, you could not develop your ideas, the people that will read your book will not understand how important democracy is because democracy was born in Greece, so you will become a dishonest writer, liar, and your book will be totally insignificant, you will completely miss the goal of becoming a great writer, adding to your country one person that was an honest talented writer.

The witch hunt was even more aggressive in the movie industry where everyone was stamped as liberal in McCarthy's eyes. Liberal and communism were perfect synonyms. An example: One of the most talented screen writers was Dalton Trumbo and he was black listed because of his communist sympathy and he couldn't write for the studios again. His life was broken, another loss for the Untied States of America.

Fortunately, a man that is not very well known for this kind ethical achievement deserves an enormous credit. Kirk Douglas who employed Dalton Trumbo, under his own name to write the script for a major movie. All Kirk's friends were worried, not worried but scared about this enormous act of courage, to break the black list, even years after McCarthy had disappeared. Then Dalton Tremble came with a wonderful script, without Kirk Douglas the loss was going to be very important.

As our examples show forces against DEMOCRACY are always and constantly at work within the USA itself and awareness of this fact must be a constant concern for a citizen.




October 98



                    On the eve of President Nixon reelection in 1972, it was discovered that the headquarter of the Democratic party , this party was President Nixon Republican party's opponent has been burglarized by people seemingly loosely linked to the White House .

After the election there were more inquiries on the Burglary that happened in the Watergate building . The inquiries kept revealing more and more involvement of President Nixon Top aides and they had to resigned or be convicted.

Proof that President Nixon was involved from the beginning came from audiotapes
recording conversation in the white house.

Transcripts of these tapes demonstrated beyond all doubts that President Nixon had known of the burglars ' connections to the white house and had acted to limit the F.B.I. investigations.

Even the President 's strongest supporters refused to defend him.

The American people had complete proof of their President having misused the law in the practice of his Governmental duties ,acting like a dictator using governmentally employees and resources to advance his own political and governmental agenda.

                   At this point in time, The American people and the congress in a by partisan vote were willing to convict President Nixon throughout the impeachment process. The charges were well defined ,clear, and were all relevant to misused of presidential power.


Facing impeachment and removal from office, President Nixon resigned.


                   But what is interesting is that after president Nixon resigned and more of his actions while in power were revealed , the Congress started to pass laws to correct the excess of power the presidency had shown under President Nixon's Imperial Presidency.

As we can see now from an ugly crisis , Democracy in the United states of America won and even developed better laws








May 29, 1998


We are starting from the very biased case raised by the Independent Counsel, Kenneth Starr about secret service agents having witnessed an alleged promiscuous conduct of President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

                   But as of today, May 29, 1998, the judge, Norma Holloway Johnson, in charge of the Washington Grand Jury, appointed by Kenneth Starr ruled that confidentiality privilege did not apply in the relation between the President and the Secret agent, and that the Secret Agent in charge of protecting the President's life must be forced to testify against the President.

Simple, common sense, a sense of honesty, have naturally prevented for the last two centuries any inquisitor to force secret agents or bodyguards to testify against the very person who's life they have to protect.           

                 What Mr. Kenneth Starr does not understand at all, because he is an average, by the book, mediocre man and is the perfect candidate to be manipulated is that he is not prosecuting a serial killer, he is prosecuting the president of the U,SA, who does not have any criminal record.

                  It has been the consensus that the presidency should not be attacked and diminished on trivial matters, so no laws or sets of rules were passed by the Congress.

                  In this vacuum of legislation when you enter such an important field for each and every American in the United States , any decent person will come to this conclusion; let's pass a set of laws that define more precisely, privileges necessary to keep the President alive and the country afloat. In the meantime, as it is obvious that this area needs some legislative work, let's use common sense and the sense of honor and patriotic vision to inquire the alleged conduct of the President.

                 As it should be, the President should not be above the law, but because of such a high level, the law was not written and no set of rules was passed by the Congress to define with precision. how to inquire the President, but protect at the same time his life. The President is today subject to a witch hunt that could eventually put his life in danger. This pathetic accomplishment is the despicable action of the overwhelmingly, short sighted and manipulated and manipulative Kenneth Starr.

                   For example, the United States of America is, without any doubt, the number one power in the world, and the leading country in international affairs. One of the most important roles for the President of the United States is to defuse tension between countries or ethnic groups and protect as much as he can the balance of peace in the world. For that the President needs absolutely to build good relationships with leaders of other countries. Anybody, not only the President, needs moments of intimacy to build very good relationships with another person.

                  It is the instant when the other person, trusting you ,lowers his or her guard to communicate deeper with you when you become his or her friend. Such occasions don't happen on business discussions, work related matters, for you and me, international affairs for the President of the United States. This precious moment of intimacy occur when you, me, or the President talks about family, sports, personal concerns, funny jokes, common matters such as buying your first, very own and reliable used car, or having, when you were young, a barber who was going with a vengeance, after your hair instead of trimming it slightly. Such moments of intimacy are rare in meetings with leaders. The President should be able to know that secret agents will not tell of these semi-confidences to a world leader which purpose was to build a close relationship.

                  Furthermore, world leaders, in the face of bloody terrorism and nuclear threats have to compose secret strategies to counteract these threats, and I've already expressed that they couldn't trust United State protection by secret service agents not sworn to absolute secrecy. If the ruling of the judge, Ms.Norma Hollaway Johnson is not overthrown by the Appeals Court then the following scenario is guaranteed to occur.

                 If there is even a slight bridge in the sacred mission that the men and women of the Secret Service carry with values such as honor, courage, (values totally absent of Kenneth Starr's conduct) then you are going to see two different things happen:

       1. Some agent knowing that the word absolute secrecy doesn't mean anything anymore will sell intimate details of the life of the first family of the United States to the tabloids for a lot of money, and the tabloids are going to exaggerate and twist the details to make the first family of the United States a pathetic sight.

      2. World leaders are not going to trust the American President's close environment and thus this will make his job as a president harder, if not impossible.


There is an absolute need from Mr Kenneth Starr irresponsible conduct to draw lesson for the future. American citizen have the duty to press their congressman for a law defining the secret service duties and limitations






                 Kenneth Starr, as part of his continuing investigation which is not anymore a series of independent investigations such as Whitewater, Filegate, Paula Jones, Travelgate & Monica Lewinsky, but an obvious full force hunting chase to get the president no matter how bad in the process it will hurt the United States of America.

                 A judge in Arkansas, forbade Mr. Kenneth Starr from having access to confidential notes between Vince Foster, who was an aide at the White House and who committed suicide, and Vince Foster's attorney. The judge simply reaffirmed the almost absolute confidentiality that exist between attorney and client even after death.

                 But, simply asking the question: Why is Kenneth Starr in the midst of investigating the Lewinsky case going after notes that are certainly not relevant to the Lewinsky case?

                 In my opinion Kenneth Starr is far beyond trying to kill the president with one bullet. He is loading guns with canisters which contain hundreds of bullets that go in almost every direction in front of the big gun. Then, he fires and hopes that one of the stray bullets will kill the president. It is exactly the kind of action that the founders of democracy in the United States tried to avoid because it reminded them so much of the blindness of justice from kings, monarchs, and tyrants, who were their masters in the English Colonies.





February 14,1998


             What seems to be the reasons that drive a special prosecutor like Kenneth Starr.

     1. The action of a totally desperate man. He feels so much pressure because he already spent $40 million dollars to go  after President Clinton on all occasions, Travelgate, Filegate,Paula Jones, and the Whitewater Investigation. He has come with nothing. The pressure on him is so big that he is resorting to any means to convict President Clinton. And he will, he has no choice, he has to come with a conviction, he is now in another world where the word justice, common sense have no meaning anymore, he is a desperate man trying to show that at least he has scored something against President Clinton.

      2. The second reason is that although I doubt there is no general right wing plot, there are the following elements that are supporting and helping and guiding Mr. Kenneth Starr in his search for a score against President Clinton. First, all his friends are among the Republicans. Republicans who would like very much to be even with the Democrats after Nixon was forced to resign. He really wants the Democratic President to be forced to resign so it's their way to get even. But Kenneth Starr was a lawyer for the tobacco industry which is a Clinton adversary. Clients and people he was with are the worst part of the Republican Party, people who strongly defend private interest against a killing disease. They would rather see the tobacco industry make profits than thousands of Americans not dying.

                 On top of that his strong connection for this time with Senator Jesse Helms and other very, very right wing who will be very happy to see President Clinton forced to resign. We have the tobacco industry leaders who were caught lying by our lawmakers. they have all the reasons and all the money to get even with Mr. Clinton. On the other hand you also have most of the right wing Republican's who would really like to President Clinton go down because he is doing so well . So, as we might eventually not see it as a vast right wing conspiracy, yes, the tobacco industry clients, friends and sponsors of Kenneth Starr and the Republican leaders are after President Clinton .







It is interesting to try to understand the personality of the first independent counsel who's reading of the Constitution pushed him to grill the President, Bill Clinton on a totally private matter; the President's sex life.

Kenneth Starr seems to search the companies of very powerful and extremely rich people all of them Republicans such as the well known Clinton hater, Mr. Mellon Scaff. Mr. Kenneth Starr seems to thrive in the company of Clinton haters. He was one of the prominent attorneys for the tobacco industry, which is one of the most powerful and forceful haters of the President.

He seems to go by the book in his search of the truth against Clinton. In reality, he wraps himself in the cloak of legality as a bigot would invoke the bible.

He is intelligent enough to follow the legal code, by the book, but not intelligent enough to see a bigger picture.

He is intelligent enough to follow his friends, the Clinton haters, but not intelligent enough to select his friends and allies among true believers of democracy.

He is intelligent enough to follow religion and ideas but not intelligent enough to see that he is thrusting a knife into the heart of his own country, the United States of America.

He is intelligent enough to follow bravely, methodically a set of instructions either given by the law or hinted by the people which company he relishes, but not intelligent enough to understand the meaning of instructions.

He is intelligent enough to be a sophisticated killing machine but not intelligent enough to see if his target is a dangerous murderer and a deadly threat for the United States or an exceptional man, the President of its own country.

He is intelligent enough to be the perfect mercenary, but not intelligent enough to choose his missions.

He is intelligent enough to be a perfect weapon but not intelligent enough to see that he has been manipulated.







                   In order to put another squeeze to Web Hubble, a partner in the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas, and thus indirectly to Mrs. Clinton, who was also a partner in the rose Law Firm, Kenneth Starr resorted to the following strategy:

                  He indicted Web Hubble for tax evasion. Even a fifth grader will understand that Mr. Kenneth Starr was being very unfair.

                 The judge, in Arkansas threw out the indictment and the judge's reasons for doing so are pretty clear and are the following:

                    First, the judge stated that Mr. Kenneth Starr was outside the perimeter of his mission as defined by the law.

                   Second, Web Hubble has been convicted for embezzlement in a previous case. In order to get Web Hubble to tell about Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Kenneth Starr granted him immunity. Under this immunity deal Mr. Web Hubble gave a lot of documents to Mr. Starr, including his tax returns and other accounting records. So, Mr. Kenneth Starr granted immunity to Web Hubble in order to receive potentially dangerous documents for Hillary Clinton and the President, then he used these same documents given by Mr. Web Hubble under an immunity deal, against the same Web Hubble, to indict him, which is astonishingly unfair by any standard.

                  The judge in Arkansas, of course, overturned the indictment and in his explanations he went so far as giving a slap on Mr. Kenneth Starr's wrist for being so obviously irrespectful of the justice ethics. So again, we have perfect proof that Mr. Starr is not conducting a fair and democratic investigation but ambushing the President by any means, including reneging on his own promises as somebody like Sadam Hussein would.

                   No wonder mister Starr has the same rating approval that Sadam Hussein.







                   The Muslim religion, one of the major religions in the world started to play a powerful and political role around 1970. Before this date and after the crusades this religion was like any other major religion, in countries that were still living under kings' rule or dictator's rule. The complete absence of Democracies in most of the Muslim world, which is mostly, but not totally an Arab world, and the very poor level of education, allowed the rulers to let the masses fill their everyday life with religion. It was an alternative to modern thinking. The masses needed an outlet, because, except in some very oil rich countries like Saudi Arabia, the masses were very poor, many of them having emigrated in slums on the outskirts of large cities.

                   Some Muslim countries, after world war I and II , began a process of democratization and a strong attempt at modernization, which include above all, giving a woman the rights of a modern human being. In fact the Muslim religion and its laws stipulate that a women is a lesser human being than a man. For example, in some Muslims countries strictly obeying the laws of the Muslim religion :

A woman must not drive a car
A woman must not take a plane without a written authorization of a male relative
A women must not show her face in public and must wear a veil
A women must not receive the same higher education a man receives
And so on ....

                  Turkey, after World War I, was very radical and declared a modern laic state with good success and a strong dose of democratic laws.

                 Egypt went through a period of socialist regime under Dictator Nasser which lessened the Muslim influence. His successor in 1970, President Anouar el Sadate, worked on two fronts that enraged the fundamentalist Muslims: he reached for a peace with Israel and promoted women's rights including opening the Egyptian Assembly to thirty women.

                  For these actions of peace and in favor of civil rights, he was assassinated by the Fundamentalist Muslims in 1991.

                  The most publicized event that happened in the Muslim World was the overtaking in 1979 by a fundamentalist Muslim government of the kingdom of Iran.

The Ayatollah Khomeini became the leader of this religious state.

It is important to understand what does a religious state mean in this case.

This religious state has adopted the same ideology as their Communist regime and their Nazi regime: convert the rest of the world to your ideology or religion or kill them. People are now well aware of the atrocities committed by the Nazi and Communist, now the Fundamentalist Muslin's are intent on achieving the same goals using the same method.

In Iran, the Fundamentalist Muslin's massacred, thousands of opponents
Opponents who took refuge in other countries where murdered by hit men from Iran.

Christians and Jewish tourists coaches are hit by machine guns at tourist sites.

American and European Embassies are bombed and targeted for terrorism.

Writers and Journalists who represent the freedom of speech are murdered.

A fact that is almost unknown is the dreadful situation in Algeria.

The Fundamentalist Muslin's have massacred at least 50,000 people in Algeria, most of them, civilians, women as well as men, Muslin's, but not Fundamentalists. They especially targeted the journalists, itinerant entertainers, writers, radio speakers, in a word, everybody that could use, what is called Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Murder and massacres are now part of every day Algerian life.

                 Of course, American people, even in the United States are far from being safe from the Fundamentalists terrorist actions, the bomb and killings at the World Trade Center, in New York is a reminder of this ideology of hatred and crime.



August 20, 1998




Republicans are handing over to the Democrats the victory in the next legislative election. Will the Democrats do what it takes to grab it? On one hand, you have the American public, who with common sense is ready to forgive President Clinton or has already forgiven him about his misconduct with intern, Monica Lewinsky.

On the other hand, you have a Republican party which has no decent leader and has abused the system of independent counsel, has diminished their own country, the United States of America by weakening the presidency without any creditable evidence of a lack of leadership by president Bill Clinton.

It should be an easy and pleasant exercise for the Democrats to explain to the American people how the Republicans hate democracy, which is the government of the people, by the people; it's a recurrent pattern among the Republicans.

A few examples:

The Republican party shut down the whole government three times in a row in 1996 in order to blackmail President Clinton. Was that the desire of the American people? No, they strongly expressed their disapproval, it was obvious contempt for the American people. The leaders of the Republican party don't act anymore as the peoples representative, but as a cast of the reigning few living in the royal town of Washington, deciding what is good for the country without ever taking into consideration the interest of the American people.

During the different cases brought against President Bill Clinton by the Republicans during his presidency. The Republican leaders forcefully asked for one independent counsel probe after one another, such as Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, and the Lewinsky Case. The American public was not condemning the first probe, who could have been related to financial or political misconduct but the American public drew the line for the Lewinsky case and said, "I don't want an independent counsel hunting down the facts in the President's private life because he is entitled to some privacy in his private life as well as I am." " He shouldn't be treated differently than I should be treated. I, the American people wouldn't like to have hundreds of hunters around me, setting traps about my private life to bring me down because I am successful . Most of the constituents of the society are experiencing economical satisfaction and a decent life and have hope in the future".

The pattern of anti-Democratic behavior shown by the Republicans is a very dangerous fact, unfortunately of today's American society and a tremendous threat on the United States for the future.