Oh! Elizabeth Warren do not be a Fool.

Elizabeth Warren, please make sure that you will not regret for the rest of your life avoiding entering the 2016 Presidential race. To not take up the Democratic cause in the face of Hilary Clinton's failures would be stupid and cowardly. I know that Eleanor Roosevelt said, "There is a special hell for women who do not help other women,"
but she was a very intelligent woman and would not have supported such a losing cause like Hilary's.
When all the planets are aligned for a candidate, and now all the planets are aligned for you being elected, not entering the race is foolish and childish behavior. American people with functioning brains and that is the vast majority of Americans minus the racist, unintelligent Americans supporting: Trump, Bachman and Palin are more than ready to support you. Thanks to your candidacy they will regain an enthusiasm to vote for a candidate that is inspiring, aka YOU versus Clinton, electable aka YOU versus Sanders ( a great guy by the way) or smart, aka YOU versus the rest of the field.
Most important, your candidacy is not just about you. It is about Women, African Americans, Latinos. It is also about electing a Democratic Congress and I guarantee you that if you enter the race for the Presidential election we Democrats will have the majority in both chambers.
Please listen to me I am a Mensa member and lived on three continents. My vision of the state of the Presidential campaign is flawless. If you do not enter the Presidential campaign you are a fool of gigantic proportion because the GOP candidates are clowns or idiots. My website is ww.fordemocracy.com.
My English is not great because my native language is French. I lived for 20 years in Morocco, 20 years in France and 20 years in the USA. The USA is my country and I adore it. I see events from many unique perspectives. If you go for the Presidency, contact me and I will make sure that in addition ?to being elected President you will have a Democratic Majority in Congress.?
It is our duty as Democrats to present a great candidate for the US presidency. It is your duty as an inspirational candidate to enter the race for the presidency of the USA.
Remember there will never be in the future such a herd of GOP idiots as candidates and Hilary is beyond toasted she is completely burnt.
It is now or never for a woman AKA Elizabeth Warren to be elected.

Eric Lafayette, September 18th 2015