Donald Trump one of the Republican candidates running for President has been leading in the National Polls by a huge margin among Republicans most likely to vote.
He trumpets huge lies and his Republicans supporters gobble them up with enthusiasm.
One example of these lies was his statement in 2015 that, "Unemployment is at 23%." when It was actually 5.7% and even if you add the under-employed you get 11.3% a far cry from 23%.
Another huge lie was his claim that the Obama government was going to accept 150,000 to 250,000 political refugees from Syria and neighboring countries when the USA said they will accept would only accept 10, 000 political refugees.
Trump also lied when he said that he watched on Television thousands and thousands of Muslims in New Jerseys cheering the fall of the World trade center on September 9/11, 2011. It was such a huge claims that it was checked by many members of the media and, they did not find any evidence that even 2 or 3 Muslims cheered in public. and This lie was checked too also checked by General John J. Farmer a Republican and the senior counsel to the 9/11 commission who said, " Never happened."
Yet another disgusting lie, Trump said he never called female adversaries " fat, pigs, slobs and disgusting," but he did.
In an attempt to boost his non-existent experience in foreign affairs Trump lied again when he said he got to know Putin "very well" while the two were on CBS 60 minutes, but in fact the two were interviewed separately thousands miles apart in two different countries.
There are dozens of other lies and a fact checker found that Trump lied at an astonishing rate of 76% of the time when citing with great aplomb what he calls" facts."

However what is fascinating or even more mesmerizing is that millions and millions or even dozens and dozens of millions of Americans are willing to vote for Donald Trump. Yes, more than 66 millions of Americans most likely to vote are willing to vote for Donald Trump the greatest American political liar in modern times.

You could think that it defies reason to see Millions of People with great enthusiasm gobbling Trump absolute gigantic lies but there is a perfectly logical explanation: From Ronald Reagan to Sarah Palin and today's candidates there has been a constant push to cut funding for education in the United States. In fact President Reagan actually wanted to eliminate the Department of Education. It seems logical from the point of view of Republicans leaders to educate Americans as little as legally possible because the less Americans are educated the less they are informed the less they will be able to understand facts and discourses making them more likely to gobble up and believe one incredible lie after another Let's not forget one of the Princes of the Republican dynasty of liars, Richard Nixon.
Cutting fund or not increasing fund enough for education was a must to keep American citizens as ignorant as possible and in the process make them willing and happy to accept so many absurdities and lies. Two short examples: "There is no climate change" when the quasi totality -195- nations on earth signed an accord to stop and reverse global warming in order to protect the planet from the consequences of climate change. The other is "President Obama is a Muslim". There is not one ounce of proof that President Obama is a Muslim on the contrary he was always a Christian and after his mother died when he was young he was raised by his very Christian grandparents.
But to turn voters into beings gullible enough to swallow absurdities, you also have to prep Republicans and train them every day so that they will become apt and adept at swallowing bigger and bigger lies, It is the remarkable job of the right wing media with the tabloid minded powerful Rupert Murdoch and his Fox empire. Republicans have been very successfully conditioned days after days by the right wing media to swallow huge lies.
Despite the fact that many Republican voters are gobbling lies and absurdities every day I am not throwing stones at them because they have been conditioned by decades and decades of lies from their leaders into reacting with the Pavlovian reflexes.
The Republican leaders and the Right wing media have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. The huge crowd of more than 66 millions of Americans has swallowed dozens and dozens of enormous lies in 2015. They have been very well trained at swallowing gigantic lies without the slightest discomfort but on the contrary with ecstatic enthusiasm.
This outstanding achievement has reached its pinnacle with the rise of Donald Trump the greatest political Liar since political speeches were recorded on radio and TV and the largest gullible right wing crowd of the same era. It is a very successful match many years in the making and Trump is reaping up the rewards, glory and the power as the leader of the Republican candidates running for President. Among the Republicans candidates he has around 40% of national votes and none of the other Republican candidates are even close.
The really funny part is that the actual Republicans leaders in power dislike Trump and do not want him as a leading candidate in the race for the Presidency but they built his throne and prepped the crowd for him. Now they are getting a taste of their own medicine and they hate it. The lesson is, never unleash the power of constant lying; it will come to haunt you one day.
The Trump and his constant lying and disinformation has revealed but not created the Republicans constant politic of minimizing education for Americans as a means to control and influence voters. More importantly Trump has allowed us to be certain that the crowd dumbed down by the Republicans during the last decades has fallen into a world were sound judgement has evaporated. Good education does not just provide information. It prepares people to understand and evaluate the information presented to them.
Eric Lafayette January 25th 20116