What are going to be the consequences and unrest in a number of countries after the first American military action even if small?
This is not a rhetorical question, the sooner we assess the changes that will happen in countries with a majority of the population or even a minority of the population with different nuances of the Muslim faith, the better the American nation will be able to cope with the consequences.

For a neutral Political Science observer the period of months and years that is going to follow the first American strike will be the most interesting in history since world war 2. Why?

It is going to be like a kick in a hornet nest that will trigger a succession of changes like Dominoes toppling one atop of the other and many civil wars.
The comparison with a hornets nest is striking:
When someone wants to get rid of an hornet nest, this person make sure that all the hornets are together before he gas them. If half of the hornet are not in the bag and the handler does not wear a protective suit without an opening then he is going to be hurt.'
Same situation with the terrorists; It is impossible to bag all of them in one operation.
There will be other attacks and the weak part of the suit is the civilian population around the world that is going to be hurt and unstable Governments that will be toppled.

Let's take three examples of three Muslim nations: Saudi Arabia and Algeria and Jordan .

      Saudi Arabia is the Sacred land of Muslim faith.
The Kings and princes in place bought a relative peace by letting the Telebans and Ben Laden preach their dangerous fanatic faith and let them increase their influence among the people
Now that the Saudi leaders have chosen to be against Ben Laden and his followers there will be assassination attempts, bombings, major unrest and may be a coup. The price of oil will skyrocket at each attempt.
The results could go any of these very different two ways;
  1) Overthrow of the ruling class
  2) Quasi eradication of the Fanatics Muslims

     Jordan is one of the most western oriented nation thanks to its ruler King Abdullah
Unfortunately King Abdullah is almost already a Dead man.Assassination attempt are going to be constant and numerous and his chances of survivals are very small.
   A civil war is the most likely outcome.

Algerian People mostly intellectuals, scholars, educated people all civilians have
been assassinated in drove for the last five years by their countrymen
the Fundamentalists Muslims. 20 times the number of the Americans Killed in the World trade Center , more than 60 000 people have been assassinated in the last five years.

There is going to be major unrest and the government will be toppled or will overcome the challenge and eliminate the threat of the fundamentalist Muslim.

  I barely scratched the surface and I only gave 3 examples that I did not develop

     The point is : following the State of the affairs in more than 60 Muslims countries or countries with minorities with good intelligence is very important but  increasing support for the moderate leaders of these countries is absolutely Crucial.
Withdrawing from a region because The US government judge that the conflicts are internals after you have kicked the hornet nest will be a major error.

Monitoring the changes that happen in every Muslim country could be a vital and interesting task for students or people interested in Politic around the World.









This Horrendous attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have presented the American People and the American Government with a new untested and unprecedented challenge. The question is the Following.

What are the actions at any level; Military,Diplomatic,Economic, Cultural Educational that will stop men, some with wives and children to consider that dying while killing many innocent people is a better alternative than living , raising a family and helping your fellows human being?

I will try to lay out the elements that are necessary to comprehend the situation .


You need a Bonding Ideology; Nazism, Communism, Religion:
The label of the Ideology is Irrelevant But hey have the same ingredients
    The most important is  Directing hate towards a group of human being;
Jews  for Nazism
Religious and non Communist people for Communism
Infidels , non Islamic (including some Islamic with tolerant faith)

This Ideology must promise a Heaven:

Communism offered Heaven on earth when the whole planet would be Communist
Nazis promised a blissful 1000 years Reich when all non Arian would be killed.
Islamic Fanatic promise Paradise for those who kills Infidels specifically American now and Sainthood for those who die in the process.

In most cases Despair caused by the absence of a meaningful life or even a bearable life is the absolute necessary ingredient to recruit Fanatics and Terrorists. For example ordinary German people took to Nazism because the economy was in chaos, getting worse with no hope in the horizon.
However Despair
does not seem to be the most important cause in being the Breeding ground for this Islamic terrorism: Actually the USA helped these terrorists in their fight against Russia, Furthermore they are not fighting to free a country or a People.
They fight on an Ideology based on pure Hate. Basically trying to kill as many human being as they can of a different religion than their .
They are not making any claim or asking anything contrary to the Palestinian who claim for a Country of their own.They want to kill infidels,period.

Then you need  a LEADER . Hitler, Stalin, Ben Laden:
The leader is skillful, absolutely ruthless and the word Democracy has absolutely no meaning to them.

The Terrorist leaders including Stalin and Hitler and the Japanese Leaders which are the Ultimate Terrorists have all created schools for young and very young people to be brain washed and trained them to  be absolutely dedicated to blindly obey their terrorist leaders.

The most important fact and the most original for this recent type of terrorist is that their values are the values of the Middle ages in Europe.
The Islamic  terrorists keep their wife at home, veiled, without education, they repeat  the slogan: war to the infidels.The Islamic terrorists live culturally the equivalent of   the conquest of Southern Europe by Islamic hordes from around 700AD.
At this time Barbarian conduct was the nec plus ultra the best thing to do on any side
The difference is that the rest of the world lives or try to live with the values of the 21 century.
In our society women can go out, do not have to wear a veil etc... We help other countries we provide humanitarian relief, we try to end Genocide.We try to solve differences in court. All that is a sign of weakness and decadence for the Islamic terrorists

In one sentence
The fundamentalists Muslims live in the barbarian world of the 7 Th Century

A discrepancy in wealth: All the terrorist these days are recruited in countries which medium income per habitant is counted in hundred of dollars per year compared to in the USA in the ten of thousands of dollars per year

Easy access to weapons and money
: To get weapons or build an attack that involves travel to different countries,probably 50persons directly involved, flying lessons etc... You need a lot of money
On other terrorists attacks we have seen explosives, weapons etc.
The estimates are in millions of Dollars.
However Bin Laden fortune was estimated at 300 millions dollars and donations from individuals and countries sympathizers seems to be increasing in an important way. Money is abundant  .

Safe Heavens
: Terrorist need bases to train, recoup and get their support and logistic from.
When Yasser Arrafat was the most effective terrorist on the planet, he trained his troop in Tunisia , Libya, Syria and other Arab countries at different times and as of today some of his associate are still running training camps in some of these countries.

Today Ben Laden has help, terrorist cells and sometime training camps in Many countries and sometime the sympathy and direct help of the government or a moderate but weak government that prefers to compromise with the terrorist in order that they can stay in power: Afghanistan,Pakistan, Iran, Libya, Tchetchenie, ouzbekistan, Yemen, Sudan, Algeria and many other: Basically it should be defined differently in the following way: All Islamic countries are helping the terrorists with the exemption of very few such as Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait , Saudi Arabia. Even these countries are penetrated by the fanatic terrorists,  the terrorists raise money and are trying to assassinate the head of the state with the Blessing of a good part of the young population.

In the previous parts we have listed what are the elements and the recipe for a strong efficient and deadly Terrorist multifaceted monster to succeed.

This rapid overview of the situation of terrorism in the world shows that the United State adversary is over 15 countries and over I billion potential terrorists.
      How do you address this almost impossible challenge.
That is the subject of following sections.


Unfortunately the Effects are all to clear: Assassination and murder by bombing, suicide bombing of UNARMED HUMAN BEING.
One of the constant element of the The Bin Laden terrorist attacks is the use of human lives to further its goals.

We have to remember the civilian planes that destroyed the World Trade Center and part of the Pentagon. These planes were full of passengers that become hostages, then human projectiles. It is atrocious.

I am pointing these examples to underline that their is no limit in the horror anymore and the terrorists are not insane: hate and cruelty are their tools of the trade.
The next step for the terrorists is to strike a bigger blow: Nuclear weapons or biological weapons probably brought in the country by ship. Security around docks and ships is nonexistant and we have not seen the Administration address   the problem efficiently.

Bottom line
: The administration should prepare for the different WAYS of importing death in the USA and not only address the current threats.


To define the Strategy necessary to overcome Terrorism is extremely challenging
I will spend little or no time on what has been largely commented upon by the media and try to focus on less commented upon areas but specifically I will try to give an order of importance starting with the most important actions beside improving Safety in the USA which is already starting.

With this terrorist situation
the most important action is to go and capture the Leaders or kill them in a war.The major mistake made by a Democracy while fighting a dictatorship or a terrorist organization is not to destroy the Leaders.

tell us that we would have avoided millions of deaths   if we had killed: Hitler, Stalin, Sadam Hussein, and now Bin Laden.
The enormous strength of Democracy is not used at all:
In that case what makes Democracy so remarkable in opposition to terrorism and terrorist States?
It is the fact that our Leaders are elected and that there is a chain of elected leaders that can replace the President in case of assassination. Even if the four elected leaders that can replace the President overnight are killed we can elect with our freedom of vote another number of leaders all Highly educated and elected by the majority of the people.
But if not only one leader but the small group of terrorist Leaders and Leaders of Terrorist States are Imprisoned or destroyed, then you will have severed the head of terrorism and Highly trained, rich and educated people such as Bin Laden are scarce

Equally important if not may be more
: You have to accompany the destruction of the Terrorist themselves by the physical destruction of the head of Terrorist States and Terrorists Heavens.
The latter being a lot more attached to their lives will hear a good warning in
the form of the bombing of their capital with mission to take them out.
As soon as the Heads of terrorist States will see by example that the rules have changed and their lives are not immune to USA attacks then we will see very very few States cooperating with Terrorists.
I personally never understood the economic sanctions that starve the very People that most of the time want us no harm while the Leaders live in wealth or impunity  .
Will the USA and their allied use this wonderful fabric that is Democracy and by opposition destroy the Heads of terrorism and the Heads of Terrorists States


Before the strikes a plan to bring moderate leaders
with a vision of Islam attuned to its origin as a compassionate religion and a Marshall plan-like to these countries must be ready to help the People become our allied

It is excessively important that a less destructive form of their religion be offered to the young Terrorists or to the population attracted by fanatism and terrorism.
As the riots around world Trade organization meeting have shown, materialism is not enough and pleases only those in rich countries who can buy 2 cars and 3 Stereos.
ORIGINALY ISLAM is a compassionate religion and the majority of Muslims believe in a tolerant religion.

, the fundamentals of Democracy or the culture of Democracy is the only interesting philosophy that can replace a philosophy of hate.
It is going to be a very very long process( most of the terrorists live with the values of the 7 Th Century)  but once they see what it means to live with so many freedoms and with a minimum of decent standard of living  then you have alleviated the possibility of terrorism in this country.

The renewal of interest in Democracy values strengthen the attacked countries too.
These common shared beliefs so dearly attained and so little studied among the young people of the civilized world unite a country above religious differences and give the Nation enormous strength.


1)Bring to justice, Destroy or kill the heads and only the heads of the States that help terrorism
2)Bring to Justice, Destroy or kill the heads and only the heads of terrorism around the world
3)Reinforce and help government that promote a genuine and moderate Islam
4)Reacquaint the World and the young people of the USA with the History and values of Democracy




     Not a victory for Democracy and that point is developed in the article called The 2001 elections & the Supreme Court.

        Beside that very important matter a very boring campaign from the two candidates.

       What was striking was how absent  keeping Democracy in the USA an aspiration to be proud of and at the same time how little was discussed about the need to strengthen Democracy.

No vision of the planet earth going towards Democracy and Human rights and achieving it.

This Topics about Democracy and Human rights were addressed in the Primary by the 2 opponents to the final candidates for President.
That is why the contenders John McCain and Bill Bradley              
had passionate supporters.

All said and done it was a very uninspiring election, which showed due to the illegal intervention of the USA Supreme court a blow to Democracy and two mediocre candidates.

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It is interesting to study why some presidents generated so much hatred:
Among the most famous:

First we have to add a precision; two presidents were of the Democratic party, one, Abraham Lincoln was of the Republican Party, but today's readers and students must not be fooled by labels. Abraham Lincoln was anti slavery and was the first president to abolish slavery  in the United States, and today's, the pro-racist stance of the leader of the Republican Party is evidently in opposition with ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S strong position  as an anti slavery, anti racist leader. . At this time, in general, all slaves were black. The anti abolitionists thought that Blacks or Nigers as they were called were so stupid that they could only be slaves.

A footnote to emphasize the important role played in the domain of anti racism by Eleanor Roosevelt, the First Lady who did not allow the President to forget about these issues, even when he was the leader of the free world engaged in the most formidable war of all times; World War II.

These three Presidents share two major traits that defined their actions

          1) They fought to establish a society where all citizens had equal rights, no matter how under privileged they were, and the most under privileged were the blacks and colored people and the very poor, no matter what their skin color was.

          2)They were strong supporter's of the American Ideal of Democracy, which is, "The government of the people, by the people, and not the government of the people by a few privileged ones".

          The Question is then:

                                    THE EVIL OF ALL EVILS

      ABRAHAM LINCOLN was not assassinated by a deranged man, but by a man sound in mind and spirit who wanted to kill the man who abolished slavery.
There is no higher mark of hatred than assassination. President Lincoln was fiercely hated by an enormous number of people, the vast majority of them absolute racists.

As a footnote, try to imagine what would be The USA today if the slave-racist States of the South had won the war. No other country allows slavery today.
How insolated the USA would be.
Slave states were mostly agricultural and would fair poorly in the industrial world which is the Strength of the USA.
Imagine denying the use of the internet today to Blacks, Latinos and Asian Americans. It seems absurd, but it is logical if the forces of Racism had won over ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

Never forget that Hitler's Nazi regime had the same racist goals that the confederate states, and that Hitler left the Olympic Stadium after the American  Black Champion, Jesse Owens won many competitions.
More importantly, the racist regime of Adolph Hitler Slaughtered millions of people on behalf of the pure white race.
Unfortunately today, Hitler's murderous racist credo has many admirers, including an American candidate for the Presidency who was an important member of the Republican party, Pat Buchanan.

         Franklin Roosevelt was probably the President that generated the strongest hate of all Presidents from a small number of Americans, mostly the Priviledged ones.  The reason is, that he decided that no matter what, that he was going to help the poor in the great depression.  He also took a series of actions to vastly improve the right of the black people.

        Bill Clinton is probably the first President to have a word coined by the Press to describe his opponent:  Clinton Haters.  He was also named by the leaders of the black community: The first black President.  His action at the helm of the nation can be summarized by:  I will give access to the underprivileged, the minorities to good health care and good education and access to the American Dream.

         We can see now that the haters of these three great Presidents have a similar pattern; they are racist people or priviledged people, or both.They are  Political leaders of a racist priviledged class, who opposes with physical or verbal violence the development of Democracy and constitute a segment of the nation that wants a dictatorship to their benefit.



The only team capable of rescuing the USA from the Abyss it has been pushed into by President Bush is composed of:
President: Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Colin Powell
President Colin Powell, Vice President Nancy Pelosi

Make no mistakes the situation in the world and specifically in the middle east which includes Iran and Iraq and the horn of Africa is so volatile that there is going to be a war or many wars for the next 10 years if not fifty years.
In addition the American deficit, the poor state of US manufacturing, an appalling system of education, abandon of Civil rights, debasement of the constitution need serious attention .

The Team of Nancy Pelosi and Colin Powell in their complementarities can address all these problems.
Together they have the knowledge, they have the experience and intelligence as well as the backbone to undertake this gigantic task.
These problems should be listed and comparisons with other countries should be part of this document and of course the solutions should be provided in this document called :

Eric Lafayette
Tel: 1 310 500 8771




At the beginning of the two primary campaigns in the race for President for the 2000 Election was exciting. You have two candidates, two challengers to the establishment, one in the Republican Party, John McCain, the other in the Democrat Party, Bill Bradley.

There was the opposition between two hero's, one a genuine war hero, McCain, the other an idol of sports fans, the basketball icon, Bill Bradley, and the others, stuffed personage with prerecorded messages built in.

The two challengers immediately captured the heart of many Americans.

The phenomenon is extremely difficult to explain, but my personal opinion is that because these candidates talked and acted with our words, the words of the majority of the common people, they were viewed as people like us, only better, people we would have liked to become, or to have as a son, husband, or father.

It is thus a strong motivation to vote for somebody like yourself, but better.

These challengers had many similarities, but the most striking is the following:

As unbelievable as it is, they were doing simple things with no spin; locating the problem and presenting a straight solution without the despicable twist, that special interests and so called rightful politicians put in their words and actions.

They lifted the hearts of most of the American people.

Bill Bradley, the Democrat, although his program was quite similar to Al Gore's program, he was able to carry the feeling that he was working from bottom to top, and I mean, that he had lived a life aware of low income people's problems, and minority black people, who had real life problems, and his concern was genuinely felt by the people.

John McCain, who had first hand, as a prisoner of war, endured the total unfairness and cruelty of a totalitarian dictatorship had the essential and vital agenda to give Democracy back to the voters by getting rid of the special interest, which buy and legally bribe a great part of the Congressmen.

How much better the United States could have been if any of these two candidates had been elected.






What became apparent during the Primaries is the strong antagonism between the same Party competitors.

In the Democrat party, the attacks between Bill Bradley and Al Gore stayed at a relatively decent level, and no lasting hate could be felt.

In the Republican Party the story is a little bit more complex and ugly.

Governor George Bush did not start very well and lost the two first Primaries to Senator McCain. He had to win at all cost, not because of his feelings, but because he had been endorsed by 95% of the Republicans, Senators, Governors, Representatives, and important persons in the Republican Party. Governor Bush was their prisoner and he has no choice but to try to win at all cost.

Governor Bush demonstrated that using personal attacks on Senator McCain and Senator McCain's friends, was a constant pattern that will be recognizable during The Primaries, and during his entire political career, past and future.

What is also very recognizable and very efficient, is that Governor Bush, due to the fact that he is a member of the right wing establishment is using henchmen, such as Reverend Falwell, who's behavior is more similar to the Muslim war mongers, Ayatollah, than the peaceful message, Christianity. Many other right wing groups went after Senator McCain as if he was not a member of their party, but their worst enemy. All that out-pouring of unfair and horrible attacks on Senator McCain was done without the name of Governor Bush being linked to this attack against McCain. It is thus, a formidable and efficient tool to destroy the enemy without being brought into the battle, although none of these attacks could have been developed without Governor Bush's approval, or Governor Bush's campaign staff approval.

It is very reveling of the leaders of the Republican Party that they use all the most despicable means to get their anointed boy from the Country Club elected.

Their traditional voters are little by little disappearing, and they know that the all white supremacy society is disappearing.

Their traditional voters are a conglomerate of Pat Buchannan's racist followers, and we have to remember that George Bush asked Pat Buchannan to stay with him, and George Bush went and praised the most racist university in the United States. George Bush won his primary contest in the still most racist South, where he got his two largest victories.

Mr Falwell was the organizer with the Christian coalition of the kickoff of the campaign at the racist Bob Jones University.

This last contest is more than ever about racism, a fight between the racist America, which votes for the Republican leaders and it's majority, and the new multi-racial America, which votes mostly for Democrat leaders.